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Amazing, shocking, heartwarming and bizarre, true, real-life stories…

Boob Army
April 27
Health StoriesReal Life Story

Finding a perfect match: Jen gave Dan her heart, a new liver and a baby!
March 29
Heartbreaking & Heartwarming StoriesReal Life Story

Finding a perfect match: We help Jen and Dan sell their amazing story exclusively to a national magazine.

Bye bye boobies! Double mastectomy decision
February 15
Health StoriesHeartbreaking & Heartwarming StoriesReal Life Story helped brave Amanda share her inspirational story; a double mastectomy to cut her chances of having breast cancer by 97%.

Meet one brave little boy…
February 01
Health StoriesHeartbreaking & Heartwarming StoriesReal Life Story

See what happened when I went on a KFC diet…
January 15
Real Life StoryWeight Loss & Slimming Stories

We helped Suzy Jones secure an exclusive magazine deal when she told us about her KFC diet. If you have a story to sell, tell us about it on our Story Valuation form.

Weight loss and slimming stories

Amazing weight loss before and after photo: I piled on the pounds after breaking legs
April 12
Weight Loss & Slimming Stories

Do you have an amazing weight loss before and after photo? We will help you share it with magazines and newspapers... for cash! Charlotte Bath told us about her incredible weight loss journey after breaking both of her legs and piling on the pounds.

Czech Republic cosmetic surgery disaster: Butchered bum
March 28
Weight Loss & Slimming Stories

We helped brave Heidi to secure an exclusive deal for sharing her story about her Czech Republic cosmetic surgery disaster and the cowboy surgeon who butchered her bottom.

See what happened when I went on a KFC diet…
January 15
Real Life StoryWeight Loss & Slimming Stories

We helped Suzy Jones secure an exclusive magazine deal when she told us about her KFC diet. If you have a story to sell, tell us about it on our Story Valuation form.

Success Story: Lose weight through healthy eating
December 08
Real Life StoryWeight Loss & Slimming Stories help hundreds of people celebrate their slimming success by paying them to share their story with magazines an newspapers.

Raising awareness of domestic violence, rape and abuse.

The day my husband turned violent
December 22
My dad abused me: The bravest woman confronts her father.  What he said next was unbelievable.
December 22
Sick pervert wanted to pay to take girl’s virginity
November 09
Real life story: My husband has taken our baby!
October 13

Bizarre and shocking stories

It’s never too late for a sex change
March 01
Bizarre & Shocking Stories

Brave Michelle told the touching story of how she's finally getting a sex change to become who she's always been inside following following her wife's dying wish.

My crazy sexy gran loves dressing up and flirting with the boys
August 17
Bizarre & Shocking StoriesFunny & Crazy Stories client pays tribute to her nan in That’s Life magazine article. If you have a funny, lighthearted story, we’d love to hear from you too.

Unusual, Unconventional or Eyebrow Raising Relationship stories.

Ex-Boyfriend Posted Naked Pictures on Facebook
July 25
FeaturedRaising AwarenessReal Life StoryRelationship Stories helped Lisa Beckett share her story about her harassing ex-boyfriend who posted naked photos on Facebook to humiliate her.

Gambian Love Rat
June 18
Love Rat StoriesReal Life StoryRelationship Stories

I Thought He Loved Me But He Was Only After a Visa! If you have a similar story that you’d like to share with the press, or warn others in a similar situation, get in touch today and find out how much your story is worth.

Quirky Proposal Story
June 17
FeaturedFunny & Crazy StoriesReal Life StoryRelationship Stories

If you have a quirky, bonkers or entirely different proposal story, get in touch with us and we’ll put it in a magazine or newspaper for you… the best part is that you’ll get paid.

Love rats, cheats and con-artists

Revenge Porn Victim couldn’t leave the house after boyfriend posted naked pics online
December 09
Gambian Love Rat
June 18
Conman Love Rat
February 10
Love Rat Policeman – Copping Off at Work
October 11


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SWNS is the largest press agency in the UK. Each day, every major newspaper and magazine calls us to find out which stories we have for sale. Our service is free to you and because we auction your story to the highest bidder we guarantee you the highest fee (if you want to read more about how much your story is likely to be worth see the How Much will I Make page. Unlike many other agencies, we also have the ability to place your story in every single magazine and newspaper. This is how it works:

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At SWNS, our team of expert journalists will help you sell your story ensuring the whole world hears it. We will guide you through the process from start to finish, securing you the best possible coverage for your story and ensuring it is told sensitively and accurately. We can help you to appear anywhere from newspapers and magazines through to national TV interviews and feature-length documentaries. Or if you have some shocking pictures or dramatic video footage, we can get you fantastic cash rewards for these too. was especially designed by SWNS to be your gateway to the national press. With an unrivaled reputation we have produced top news stories and features for over 50 years and have a consistent presence in the national press. Selling your story with us is incredibly simple. By filing out the quick and easy form we can review your story and get back to you straight away. Alternatively you can contact us on our FREE PHONELINE ON: 0800 622 6511 or drop the team a line on: [email protected]



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SWNS is the largest, most trusted, and most established press agency in the UK. Our offices span the country and each day all of the national magazine and newspaper editors call our office for a list of the content we have for sale. This list is sent out to every major publication and television company in the world via our newswire service. This means that any magazine that is interested in running your story will contact us. Our team of writers and trained journalists will ensure that your story is written to the length and style that the target publications demand, and is told exactly how you want it to be. SWNS only employ professional, discreet and friendly staff, so you can rest assured that your story will be handled correctly.


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