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If you have a story that you think is suitable for a magazine or newspaper, you can get it valued, here, for free.  Just tell us a little bit about your story by completing the form on this page.

How to fill in the STORY VALUATION form

You don’t need to send us the whole story.  Just stick to the main points (a list of what happened will suffice at this stage).

This form is for valuation purposes only and we won’t publish, share or use anything you send us until you give us the go-ahead.

All we need is a brief idea of what your story is about (For example, you could say something like: I lost 10 stone after my husband dumped me for being overweight following the birth of our children).

The more simple you make it, the easier it will be for one of our team members to understand what your story is about and provide a valuation for you based on the sale of similar stories.

Your story is safe with us

SWNS is the UK’s largest independent press agency. We supply around 20% of the nation’s daily print news.

Our team of friendly trained journalists will to tell you if your story is suitable for national magazines, newspapers, or both; how much it is worth; and who is likely to want to buy it from you. We guarantee the highest fees.

How to get the most money from your story

Our team are experts at securing you get the highest fee possible, ensuring that you get paid, and making sure that nobody steals your story or uses it without our permission.

Not only will you stay in control of your story, we’ll approach every publication on your behalf and negotiate the best deal for you.

Please ensure you keep your story to yourself for now. Spreading your story around could reduce the maximum fee we can negotiate.

Our service is free (we are paid directly from the press for supplying and writing your stories).

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Find out more about how to sell my story to the press: How to Sell My Story to the Press

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