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Welcome to powered by SWNS (the UK’s largest, oldest and most respected press agency).  If you’ve ever thought ‘I could sell my story‘ and wondered how I’d go about it, or what it would be worth, you’re in the right place.
Over 60% of all news content comes directly from press agencies and SWNS is by far the largest in the UK, with writers, photographers and offices spanning the country.  SWNS alone provides the entire national press with up to 20% of ALL daily news content. We work with every major publication and network.
We pay the most for stories, photos and video content.  We cannot be beaten in terms of reach, service or quality.  Our team of trained, friendly reporters will ensure that your story is told your way.

how much will a magazine or newspaper pay for my story


Every day SWNS fills the pages of the national newspapers and magazines. We are the largest press agency in the UK and are relied upon by all of the leading titles and television programmes to find the best news and stories.  A large proportion of the news, images and features you see in the press each day comes from our organisation.

Sell My Story: To sell your story, simply fill out the form on the left hand side of this page. We will get straight back to you to let you know how much your story, photo or video clip is worth. We will only use your story, photos or videos once you are happy and have given the go-ahead. Our service is free to you and there is no obligation.



SWNS is the largest and most established press agency in the UK.  For over 50 years we’ve been taking your stories to the press. Every day we speak directly to the editors and commissioners on each major national publication.

There are two ways that we guarantee to get you the highest fee for your story. The method we use will depend on the nature of your story:

1) Sell my story exclusively via the Daily Story Auction.

2) Sell my story through the SWNS Newswire service.


Our experienced team of journalists will advise on what is most suitable for your story (or a combination of both). Read more about our Daily Story Auction and our Newswire service below…

SWNS Head Office Newsroom

SWNS Head Office Newsroom


Every day we auction each of our stories to the highest bidder, which guarantees you the highest fee. The winning bidder will buy the exclusive rights to your story or picture, so they are the only one that can use it.

Once you have completed the short form on this page, we will get back to you with an estimated fee for your story so that you know what to expect.  If you’re happy to proceed, we will place your story on the auction list. Every publication bids against the others, in the same way as a normal auction, meaning that you are guaranteed to get the highest price for your story.

Important: It’s vital that your story truly is exclusive and hasn’t been published elsewhere. Because exclusivity is so important, it’s essential that you don’t send your story to different press or media outlets. You will not earn more by sending your story to various media outlets, in fact the opposite is true. All magazine and newspaper contracts stipulate exclusivity. As an example, if we negotiated a deal with The Daily Mail for £3,000 for the EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS to your story, and then the story appears in The Sun, you would be in breech of contract and would not get paid by the Daily Mail.

We’ll make sure that the story is told how you want it to be, and ensure that you get full payment from every publication that you appear in.

The Daily Story Auction is perfect for real-life stories, and it is usually the most lucrative way to sell your story. Our service is free to you. The publications pay us separately for supplying them with stories and for writing copy that they can trust.  Each week we provide hundreds of stories to the entire national press.

Once your story has been printed, if you choose, we can resell your story to other publications who would like to print the story.  You may also find that television companies contact us to find out if you’d be interested in filming on Breakfast television or the news, or even a documentary (SWNS also has an in-house television documentary production company).

We’ll bring every offer to you so that you can decide what you’d like to do next. We can also send your story around to all of the newspapers using our Newswire service if you’d like to earn a few more pounds…



sell my story direct to the press

If your story or picture has more of a news angle, or it needs to be printed as quickly as possible, we will send your story out via our ‘Newswire’ service. This means that your story or picture is sent out via an automated system to every magazine and newspaper in the country. Anyone that chooses to can use the pictures or words, and you’ll be paid for the column inches that it takes up, or the size, quality and page that the pictures appear on.

Selling your story exclusively will bring in much higher fees, but although you’ll only be paid a few pounds for each photo or column used on the Newswire, the money can add up if lots of newspapers use the story.

Putting your story out via the Newswire Service is also something to consider if there isn’t any interest in your story via the Story Auction. Putting a story out as News content is far less lucrative, but in many cases, magazines will have a lot more interest in your story if they have seen it in a few newspaper columns first – so we often use the Newswire service as a tool to encourage interest in your story…

If you’re still not sure about the process, our team would be happy to answer any questions you might have or provide any advice about the process.



Contact SWNS Press Agency


Lots of people are often nervous about dealing with the press, but not all of us are the monsters that are portrayed on television screens. Our team are friendly and professional, and you will be in total control of your story. We rely on people coming back to us time after time, so we always make sure that you’re happy, which is why SWNS has the best reputation in the industry.

We would be more than happy to have a chat and answer any questions or concerns that you might have. You can read more about SWNS on our About SWNS page, or if you have a photo to sell please visit our Sell My Photo page.

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