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I’m a paedophile hunter | Sell My Story
February 22
Crime StoriesReal Life StorySell My Story

My ex tried to kill me | My nails saved my life | Share my story
January 10
Abuse & Domestic Violence StoriesReal Life StorySell My Story

My ex tried to kill me, but my nails saved my life. Here's my story. Find out how you can sell your story for the highest fee possible.

Tell your story | surrogacy story
August 22
Heartbreaking & Heartwarming StoriesReal Life StorySell My Story

If you have a surrogacy story, get in touch today. We'll help you tell your story, and get paid the maximum fee possible.  Help others in a similar situation. Raise awareness for a cause or a charity. Read recent client Katy-Ann's heartwarming surrogacy story.

How to make a story go viral
August 03
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Placing your story, photo or video in the press is the best way to help your content go viral, If you're searching for information about how to make a story go viral, look no further!

Twincredible: Two sets of twins! Sell your twin story
June 30
Health StoriesHeartbreaking & Heartwarming StoriesReal Life Story

Katherine McCulloch, thought she was infertile due to a rare form of Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) which caused a build up of scar tissue. She and her partner Aaron Tricker were today celebrating having two sets of twins!

Weight loss and slimming stories

Unexplained weight gain | Share your story
November 11
Health StoriesWeight Loss & Slimming Stories

Unexplained weight gain: A young woman who was mysteriously gaining weight despite dieting was horrified to discover a life-threatening 26lb cyst the size of a WATERMELON inside her.

The Ultimate Wedding Diet
July 12
Wedding StoriesWeight Loss & Slimming Stories

Debbie Dyson-Fussey was a size 26 at her heaviest and flew into a rage after revisiting her 2009 wedding snaps.

Sell my diet story: I lost 14st after ditching fizzy pop
February 07
Real Life StorySell My StoryWeight Loss & Slimming Stories

Movie made me realise I was DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend)
October 17
Real Life StoryWeight Loss & Slimming Stories

We help hundreds of people share weight loss and slimming stories with the press every year. This month Chloe got in touch to share her inspiring journey about realising she was a DUFF and embarking on an incredible health kick.

Raising awareness of domestic violence, rape and abuse.

My ex tried to kill me | My nails saved my life | Share my story
January 10
Attacked by my ex boyfriend | Sell your story
October 27
Expose a rapist in the press
April 04
I shared my violent rape story to help others in similar situation
February 21

Bizarre and shocking stories

Hen do horror – Sell a hen do story
June 04
Bizarre & Shocking StoriesWedding Stories

A mother of the bride who had a glass bottle smashed over her head on her daughter's HEN DO has seen her attacker walk free from court. Charlotte Kirby, 25, viciously hurled the bottle towards Lisa Robinson's head just two weeks before her daughter Rachel Catildi's big day.

Sell our wedding story to a magazine
October 31
Bizarre & Shocking StoriesSupernatural & Spooky StoriesWedding Stories

Have you got a quirky or unusual wedding planned? is part of the largest press agency in the UK and we specialise in helping people share their stories and get the most money possible for their story.

Miracle babies, health, heartbreaking and heartwarming stories

Why Can’t I Be Like My Twin Brother? | Sell a twins story
December 06
Health StoriesHeartbreaking & Heartwarming Stories

Born super premature, little Ava and her twin brother, Austin, had a tricky start to life. But Ava’s was trickier than most after the tot spent the first three months of her life in intensive care.

Transgender Prom Queen
August 30
Heartbreaking & Heartwarming Stories

Born Luis, the 16-year-old made the brave decision to transition and live life as her true authentic self. She tells here inspirational story about becoming the first transgender prom queen in the UK