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Short Summery of Your Story

All we need is a brief summery of your story, so you don’t need to go into too much detail.  Just a few bullet points will suffice; just make sure your description includes:

  • What your story is about (just the main points that will give us a quick understanding of your story).
  • A few details about who is involved.
  • When and where it took place.

Remember to include your contact details so that we can get back to you.  An email address and phone number is preferable.


All enquiries 100% confidential

We will not do anything with your story, pictures or video until you are completely happy and have given us your express permission to use them.  Filling out the story form on the right hand side of this page does not oblige you to have anything printed, and it does not give us permission to use anything you’ve sent us.

Once we receive your story it will be allocated to a member of our team who will get back to you via phone or email to let you know how much it is likely to fetch and talk you through the process. If you are happy to proceed, we’ll get you a deal and interview you over the phone (or in person if you prefer).  Then your story will be read back to you before anything is printed (unless you are referring a news story or tip-off to us).


Safe Hands

SWNS is the largest, oldest and most respected press agency in the UK and we sell hundreds of stories to the national press each day.  Your story is in safe hands and we guarantee the highest fees.


Why Only an Estimate for My Story?

Stories are sold in two ways, depending on the type of story.  A news story will be sent out via our newswire service; this means that anybody can use the story and you’ll get paid depending on the column inches it takes up.  An exclusive feature or real-life story (such as a weight loss story) will be sold exclusively to the highest bidding publication.

We often use both methods (exclusive first, then newswire) to ensure that you get the maximum amount for your story.  As you can see it’s impossible to give you an exact figure until we take offers on your story, but we can give you a close estimate depending on the going rates for stories of all kinds.  You get 100% of the agreed fee and nothing will be printed until you give us the go ahead to send the story out.


Other Press Opportunities

If you have signed up to our MEDIA REQUESTS bulletin, you may have started receiving our ‘PRESS REQUEST‘ emails, in which we send information about interviewees newspapers and magazines are looking for.

However, we’d like to know if you have a ‘story’ of your own that you’d like to sell? You can have a free confidential chat with one of our friendly and professional writers and we’ll tell you what your story is worth.

If you are interested in getting paid for being a newspaper case study, or giving your opinion on trending topics, and you haven’t signed up to our Media Request alerts – please use the sign up bar at the top of this page.


SWNS Head Office Newsroom
SWNS Head Office Newsroom


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