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I want to sell my story to a guarantees the best fee for your story. We are part of SWNS, the biggest, oldest and most respected press agency in the UK.

Selling your story is easy; share your story and get cash.

You could earn £££s. Contact SellUsYourStory today using the contact form on the left hand side of this page.

how much will a magazine or newspaper pay for my storyGET PAID FOR YOUR STORY – NO MATTER HOW BIG OR SMALL

National magazines and newspapers want your real life stories, no matter how big or small – and we sell 100s of stories every week.

Have you ever thought ‘how do I sell my story to a magazine?’

Selling your story to a magazine is very straightforward.  Simply use the quick contact form on this page to tell us about your story.  We’ll email or call you back to tell you what it is worth and if it’s something that the national magazines would print.

Once you are happy with the fee, all you need to do is provide us with more detail (we’ll call you for a chat over the phone), and we’ll do the rest.  You’ll have the opportunity to hear a full read-back of the story before it is printed, and make any changes if necessary.

We’ll consider any true story. Your story could be anything from an unlikely romance, beating the odds, incredible weight-loss, a wedding disaster, ghostly goings on, or a holiday from hell.  You can even name and shame a love rat or con-artist.

Whatever your real life story, our friendly and professional team at SellUsYourStory want to hear from you.  Get in touch with us today.



SellUsYourStory guarantees you a the highest fee for your story, a friendly and personal service by our highly trained specialist writers, and it won’t cost you a penny (our agency is paid a direct subscription by the national publications). We have a direct news wire to all of the leading magazines.  In addition we have a direct wire to all of the national newspapers and television companies, meaning that we are also able to place you in the papers and on TV if you choose.

To see more information about how to sell a story to a magazine, newspaper or TV company, please visit our Sell My Story page.

For more info about SWNS Press Agency, please see the About SWNS page.



SellUsYourStory has the furthest reach when it comes to selling your story.  We have a dedicated features team who auction your stories to the highest bidding publication. In addition we also have a huge news desk with offices spanning the country. This means we can also sell your story to every newspaper in the UK if you choose.  Furthermore, we have a television production company. We make documentaries for the likes of Channel 4, Sky 1 and BBC 3 and we have a huge PR department.

These are just some of the publications we sell stories to:

Sell My Story to National Magazines & Newspapers

Sell My Story to National Magazines & Newspapers

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    My metropolitan detective partner was convicted and found guilty of domestic assault against me, after appealing the case re-tried at Hove Crown Court were he was again found guilty.

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