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Have you got a story to sell to magazines, newspapers, TV show, or online publications?

It is your life and we are interested in your story. Why shouldn’t you turn a negative experience into something positive? If you have been dealt what seems like a cruel hand, don’t just lay there and take it, let us help make you stronger, and in some cases, richer. Got a story to sell? Sell it right here!

Cash in on your story

As they say, when life hands you lemons, pass the gin (something like that anyway!).

By dealing solely and directly with you will be working with staff you can trust and you won’t get charged agency fees. We are part of the UK’s largest independent press agency and we provide a free service to help you publish your story in a magazine, newspaper, or online – and get paid the highest fee possible.

Fill in the Story Valuation form on this page

To start the ball rolling all you need to do is fill in the form and one of our trained journalists will get back to you as soon as possible. An initial conversation over the phone will assess if your story is suitable.

Because our agency supplies up to 20% of all daily print news and features, we have best contacts to ensure you get the highest financial reward for your story.

We have the resources to ensure that you are paid on time, and (if you want to) every time your story is used elsewhere, in subsequent print publications, TV shows, radio programmes, books and online.

We are working in partnership with Google to launch a system where contributors like you can track your story placements and payments in real time (launching this summer). In the meantime, you can call our team at any time to find out when your story will be published and how much you are being paid.

A professional photographer might be sent to you to take some professional, high-quality pictures to help us sell your story for the maximum fee (you would be able to keep the copies).

Your story is ready to be published

Once your real life story is ready to be published, the journalist will phone you and discuss how it will appear in the national publication. Unlike working directly with a publication, this is your chance to ensure your story is being told your way. At this stage you can make any changes to the story, so you stay in control.

The media industry works extremely fast and journalists work to tight deadlines, so if you are reliable and easily contactable we will be able to help you cash in on your story, help those in a similar situation, or just tell your story.

If you are thinking about selling you story why not have a confidential no obligation chat with one of our lovely staff? Nothing will ever be printed without your say-so and you will stay in control the whole way.

Need to find out more?

If you’ve got a story to sell, the easiest way to find out more is by sending your story, photo or video to our team.  They will asses it and give you information you need.  There is no obligation.

If you would like to read more information, see our Sell My Story page, or check our our Ts & Cs.

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