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make money from journalism (part of SWNS) is the UK’s largest independent press agency. We’ve teamed up with Google to help any professional journalist, videographer, photographer, or member of the public, make money from journalism.

Our new content management system allows anyone to sell stories, photos and video footage to the national press, and track every time it’s used and how much you’ve been paid.

Whether you want to share your story with a magazine, sell your mobile phone footage of a breaking news story, or make money from that incredible image you captured, it’s never been easier.

You can supply your content to every major newspaper, magazine, website and television company at the click of a button!

Six ways to make money from journalism and earn cash through the media right now

There are several ways that you can earn money through the national press. Here’s our top tips for how to make money from journalism:

1. Share your experiences

First of all, if you’ve experienced something amazing, heartbreaking or downright bizarre, tell us about it. You can help others in a similar situation and make money at the same time. We’ll consider any story (as long as it’s true). Send your story to us using the form on this page (there is no obligation and nothing will be used without your permission):

2. Send us you mobile phone footage

If you’ve caught some breaking news or something jaw dropping on camera, we’ll pay you to use it. SellUsYourStory’s Google backed CMS tracks your content, recording each time it is used. The system will also track how much money you’ve earned. You can simply tell us a little about the video you want to sell using the form on this page, or you can quickly send your videos via our dedicated video website (there is no obligation and nothing will be used without your permission):

3. Sell photos

Whether your images capture an unfolding news story, or you’ve just happened to capture something incredible, we want to see it. We publish all kinds of images in the national press. See our Press Photo of the Year competition for a taste of the type of photos that could make money for you. You can simply tell us a little about the photo you want to sell using the form on this page, or you can quickly send your images via our dedicated pictures website (there is no obligation and nothing will be used without your permission):

4. Volunteer as a Case Study

Every month we’ll send out a list of stories that we’re looking for right now. This can be anything from your General Election opinions, to relationship advice. If you fit the bill, we’ll pay you to hear your views and opinions. Sign up to our mailing list to receive story requests:

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5. Refer a friend

Because we fill the pages of the national newspapers and magazines every day, we’re always on the hunt for new stories. We have an army of helpers who keep their ears to the ground for great stories. If you refer someone else’s story to us, along with their details, we’ll pay you £50 (if we are able to use it). Of course it always helps if they are aware that you’ve referred them to us! Simply contact us using the Story Valuation form on this page, and ensure that you state that you are ‘referring a friend for £50’.

6. Find case studies professionally

Another way to make money from journalism is to supply stories and case studies directly to publications. If you are a professional or aspiring journalist, or you simply know tons of people, you can make money from finding case studies for national newspapers, magazines and TV shows. To receive case study and story requests directly from the leading national titles, sign up at:

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Anyone can make money from journalism. You can get a story, video or photo valued right now by completing the Story Valuation form on this page, or contacting us using a different method. Finally, there is no obligation. Content submitted is for valuation and review. Content will never be published without permission. Our service won’t cost you a penny.

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