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SWNS is the largest supplier of news and features in the UK.  We supply content to every national newspaper in the country.  Our offices, trained journalists and photographers span the UK.  SWNS is the longest established and most trusted press agency in the country. If you are thinking ‘I want to sell my story to a newspaper’ – you’re in exactly the right place.


GetPageThere is no better place to sell a story to the newspapers and magazines. SWNS guarantee you the best fee and the widest publicity.

SWNS has a direct wire to all of the national newspaper newsdesks.  The content that we send out is often published within a few hours.

SWNS deals with all stories no matter how small, but we can also act as your publicity agent (SWNS has large PR division – click here to read more) and negotiate terms for exclusive and high value stories.  We have hundreds of people on our books and nothing is ever published without your consent. Read more on the Sell My Story page.


National Newspaper Wire

Sell My Story to the Daily Mirror

Sell My Story to the Daily Mirror

If you want to sell your story to a newspaper our news wire goes directly to these publications amongst others: The Daily Mail, The Daily Mirror, The Telegraph, The Daily Express, The Times, The Sun, The Guardian, The Independent, The Sunday Mirror, The Sunday People, The Sunday Express, The Sunday Times, The Sunday Telegraph, The Mail on Sunday, The Observer.

SWNS also supplies stories to most national magazine titles and can sell your story worldwide. In addition we work with television companies and production agencies such as ITV’s This Morning and Daybreak television programmes.  Every offer is put in writing and nothing is printed without your express consent.

SWNS can provide free independent advice regarding the best way to approach the media, so don’t hesitate and make contact today using the form on the left hand side of this page.  You can read more about SWNS here, and more about how to sell a story on our sell my story page.


How do sell my story to a newspaper?

There are two main ways of selling your story.

For a regular news story, we would typically write up the article and place it on our national news wire.  This means that every national publication in the UK and major foreign magazines and newspapers would have the option to print the story.  We would then track who uses the article, and collect the income from the story for you.  In this instance we would split the proceeds of the story.

If your story is particularly sensational, we would auction it to the highest bidding newspaper or magazine as an exclusive.  This would involve publications bidding for the rights to tell your story first.  You’d keep 100% of the fee (we are paid directly by the publication in this instance for writing the story in their strict style).  Once the story has been published we’d be able to sell in to other publications for you.

In both instances you are guaranteed the maximum payment possible because every publication has the opportunity to either print or bid for your story.  We manage 100s of stories every day, so you can be sure your story is in the right hands.  We are the largest and most respected independent press agency in the UK.

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  1. Natalie Mitchell says:

    Had abortion and major break down

  2. kathleen pearce says:

    i was raped by my ex partner and was subjected throughout the 9month relationship to domestic abuse on the 15th may 2014 i was pinned down and raped by him in the bedroom we shared it took a few years to get into court he was also charged with sexual grooming of a girl under 16 and was given two years and was also found guilty of raping me and was given 7 years and i had a restraining order put into place for life

  3. Asda charge double the exchange rate at fuel pumps for european citizens.

    I have all the proof and documentation that i used 40GBP of fuel at the pump and ive been charged 100 euros.

    Asda have all this documentation and they insist that this is the exchange rate. That is double the actual exchange rate.

    I dont want to be paid for this story but other people need to be wary especially as they refuse to exchange the difference, its double the price.

    Asda rollback? Asda rollforward 20 years.

  4. Sell My Story to a Newspaper

    Hi Natalie – Please use the story valuation form on this page to submit your story and provide a little more information. The story valuation form will send your story directly to our news team, who will let you know if newspapers would be interested in running this story.

  5. Hi Phil – Please submit your story using the story valuation form on this page, which will send it to our news team rather than the website comments box. If our team are able to sell your story, someone will call you straight back.

  6. Hi Kathleen –
    I’m sorry to hear what you have been through, but pleased that you’ve finally seen justice. We are always looking for brave people like yourself to speak out and share their stories to help those in similar situations.

    Please use the story valuation form to submit your story, which will send it automatically to our news and features teams (using the comments box on this page will only send your story to a comments queue on the website).

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