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SWNS don’t just arrange guests for This Morning, we also contribute to many other television shows including Daybreak and real-life documentaries.  SWNS has its own television production company, and will soon be running its own regional television channel.

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Sell My Story to National Magazines & Newspapers

Sell My Story to National Magazines & Newspapers


Lots of people are often nervous about dealing with the press, but not all of us are the monsters that have been portrayed in the press recently. Our team are friendly and professional, and you will be in total control of your story. We rely on referrals and people coming back to us time after time, so we always make sure that you’re happy, which is why SWNS has the best reputation in the industry.

We would be more than happy to have a chat and answer any questions or concerns that you might have.

Comments (5)

  1. mary lennox says:

    I would like help with getting network rail to admit responsibility for infestation of my ground from their adjacent land,with japanese knotweed.This was discovered when I had the house surveyed with a view to selling. I have contacted numerous people in network rail and gave been met with callous disregard.They are the obvious source if my infestation but say I should deal with it.Without them eradicating the well established NO on their ground,I will always be affected by it.My daughter who used to live in the house tells me they have at times cut it back.I am unaware of what they did to dispose of it and know that I was never notified regarding its growth.A surveyor rail who surveyed my house last April as part of the process of works going on re the reopening if the Waverly line,also fails to mention Japanese Knotweed in the report which I have just attained.I have serious concerns about how japanese knotweed is managed by network rail and whether they do in fact train contracted workers to recognise it,awareness of its implications and what should be done.They appear to be above the law which states clearly their responsibilities
    Meanwhile,I have had to take time away from work due to the stress thus has caused me.I am also facing displacement much loved home to return to an inferior house with knotweed infestation.This is costing me hugely both emotionally and financially,please help.

    Mary Lennox


  2. Katie Westlake says:

    My 4 year son died unexpectantly on 9th February 2015 from Sepsis caused by a bacteria I didn’t know he had until the day after he died. Please let me tell his story and help me raise awareness.

    Kind Regards

    Bereaved mother

  3. Hi Katie. I’m so sorry to hear what you’ve been through. I really can’t imagine your grief. Would you mind submitting your story using the story valuation form on this page (rather than the comments box). This will mean our features team can get back to you if they can do anything to help you raise awareness in the national press.

  4. Not sure if you could help we are trying different ways to help fundraise for an adapted bike for my 6 year old son that has quadriplegic cerebral palsy! As he is getting older he is starting to ask more questions and wants to be the same as his friends at school he uses a walker for short distance and wheelchair for long distance! He has to wear splints and has a wedge in his right boot. He wants to be able to run jump climb and dance without his splints it brakes my heart when he says he doesn’t like his legs! He has wanted to have a bike for a long time that he can ride we brought him and his sister a bike but Cole couldn’t ride it and got frustrated and upset even with help and support from me and his dad so we haven’t been able to help our daughter learn to ride her bike either and she is 5 as it wouldn’t be fair. My friend has set up a just giving page to help with raising money for his bike that he is being measured for this Thursday the least the bike is going to cost is £800 but could be anything upto £3000. I’m looking in to doing a fun run to help to raise money and do cake sales and possibly a raffle for an iced homemade cake that I will do. Cole has always been a determined little boy and has come so far and we are so proud of him as we were originally told he may not walk talk or do allot of things he is doing but we would love to be able to make one of his wishes come true and it might be possible with your help! I have also been in touch with a couple of papers Walsall Adveriser that have been out and took photos but not sure when they will be posting story and also the Express and Star still awaiting reply from them. Thank you so much for your time and reading Amy Richards.

  5. Hi Amy – Thanks for your comment. Please submit your story using the story valuation form on this page as this will be sent directly to the features team. They will be able to get back to you if they feel we can help publicise your story. Good luck to Cole and his cause.

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