Sell a Story to a Magazine

Sell a Story to a Magazine who will pay the most for Your Story

Would you like to sell a story to the magazine that is willing to pay the most for your story (or do you have a particular or favourite magazine in mind)?

Sell a story to any of these publications…

  • Take a Break Magazine
  • New! Magazine
  • Closer Magazine
  • Chat Magazine
  • That’s Life Magazine
  • Yours Magazine
  • Woman Magazine
  • Woman’s Own Magazine
  • Bella Magazine
  • Best Magazine
  • Now Magazine
  • Real People Magazine
  • Pick Me Up! Magazine
  • Reveal Magazine
  • Take a Break Specials Magazine
  • Grazia Magazine
  • Love It! Magazine
  • Your Life Magazine
  • Fabulous Magazine
  • Best of Chat Monthly Magazine
  • Chat It’s Fate Magazine
  • Take a Break Fate & Fortune Magazine


How to Sell a Story to a Magazine

SWNS is the UKs largest independent media agency.  We supply real-life stories to all of the national women’s magazines.

If you would like to sell a story to a magazine, we hold a daily story auction to sell your story exclusively to the highest bidding magazine.  You’ll keep 100% of your fee.

If you would have a particular magazine that you would like to sell your story to, we can also arrange that for you.

Once the story has been in the magazine, you have the option to resell your story to the second highest bidding magazine (known as second rights) – it’s totally up to you; you’ll stay completely in control.  Following that, we can often find you other publication deals or even a television appearance on shows such as This Morning.


Stay in Control of Your Story

It’s important that you keep control of your story so don’t send it around to everyone.  We are the UK’s most trusted press agency and we’ve been around for over 50 years.  The more exclusive your story, the more you’ll get paid (magazines often won’t bid on a story if it doesn’t appear to be exclusive).

Once you send us a brief outline of your story (by filling out the form on the right hand side), one of our friendly and experienced writers will get back to you and let you know what it is likely to be worth.  We can then put your story on our story auction (which goes directly to all of the magazine editors) and come back to you with firm offers.  If you’re happy to go ahead, we’ll give you an interview over the phone or in person and you’ll soon see your story in the magazine (and the payment in your account).

Our writers can guarantee a full read-back of any article before it goes to print, so you can be sure to stay in control of your story and make any changes before it’s printed by the magazine.

If you have any questions relating to how to sell a story to a magazine, just drop us a line and we’ll be happy to answer any of your queries.  You can contact us through the form on this page, or see our CONTACT US page for more information.

SWNS Head Office Newsroom

SWNS Magazine Features Team

Sell Your Story to a Newspaper

We can also sell a story to the national newspapers on your behalf, which is a slightly different process.  You can read more about how to sell a newspaper story here: SELL MY STORY TO A NEWSPAPER

A mysterious hero stranger gave baby Imogen CPR and then disappeared.  Mum Beckie would love to say thankyou.

All of your stories are handled with sensitivity and care

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  1. Rebecca Adamson says:

    I fell pregnant at 20 years old , I was overjoyed as he was my first , after recurring kidney infections during pregnancy I delivered a baby boy at 28 weeks gestation , he delivered naturally at a healthy weight , after approx 8 hours he struggled to breathe resulting to a ventilator the medical staff supported him to breathe unaided , he progressed to full feeds through a bottle he was very strong ( during a difficult time in hospital his medical tube was found to have been clamped and his bones broken in which became aware to the newspapers) he continued to fight until he was five months old where he sadly passed away , I would like to give young mums the strength to never give up and to always look forward as life has this habit of sending us difficult times but I am proof that you can get through this no matter how hard it is at the time

  2. Sell My Story to a Magazine

    Hi Rebecca – I’m sorry to hear about your loss. I can’t imagine your grief. I admire your will to help those in a similar situation.

    I wonder if you would mind submitting your story using the Story Valuation form on this page, rather than via the comments box (this will send your story straight to your features team who will be able to help you straight way, rather than your comment ending up in a queue). The team will be able to assist you in the best way to share your story.

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