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Abi and her friend were visiting a safari park when they captured a terrifying video of the LIONS charging at their car.

Heart-stopping footage shows the lightning-fast beasts bounding on to the bonnet and roof of the Hyundai i-30 leaving behind a huge paw print-shaped dent.

They were shut in the lion enclosure when the rangers closed the gates for safety and were left stunned when the pack leapt on top of the car, leaving behind dents and scratches.

The clip was posted online – and soon Abi was bombarded by media, asking to use her video.

This is the terrifying moment a pride of raging lions charged a woman’s car at West Midland Safari Park in Bewdley, Worcestershire – leaving a huge paw print-shaped dent in the roof.

Thankfully, she spoke to one of our news editors Nathan Pynn. He asked her and her friend who took the video if they wanted him and his colleagues to manage all the approaches. reporter, Henry Clare, had a chat with Abi and her friend. Henry got all the information he needed to write a story. He listened to what hey said, and heard any concerns they had.

When Abi’s friend was ready, she filled in an agreement to say she was happy for us to sell her clip on her behalf.

She retained the copyright – and still does. We made sure it was sold in a way she was happy with, and anyone who used it paid for it.


Within an hour Nathan had placed the story on websites around the world.

Henry and Nathan were on hand to deal with anyone who got in touch. Or with any questions Abi and her friend had.

When anyone got in touch with Abi, she was able to simply give them Henry and Nathan’s phone number and get on with her day.

Paw prints on the car

The next day the story appeared in a whole host of national newspapers. These included the Daily Telegraph, Metro, Daily Mail, Daily Star and The Sun.

Abi’s friend will be paid every single time the footage is used.

GETTING THE MOST MONEY FOR YOUR VIDEO ensures you are paid every time your footage appears on a news site.

We teamed up with Google become the only agency in the world with an online system that tracks each use of your video. You can also track your earnings and payments in real time.


If you capture a video clip you think should be in the press, get in touch with us. We can help you make money from video footage by selling it to the entire national press. You get paid every time it is used.

Abi’s clip was only a few seconds long, but we made the most out of it thanks to our team of trained reporters.

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For more information about how our service works, see our Sell My Story page.  You can also find out more about how to sell a video to the press.

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For other ways to make money from journalism, see our Six Ways to Make Money from Journalism guide.

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