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Welcome to  If you want to sell us your story simply fill out the form on the left hand side of this page.

Once you send us your story or photos, we’ll let you know how much it’s all worth. If you’re then happy to proceed, we’ll send your story to all of the national newspapers and magazines.


SWNS is the largest press agency in the UK and has been supplying the UK media with content for over 50 years. As the largest and most established press agency, we are able to offer you the highest fees for your stories and pictures. We will not be beaten on price, and you’ll earn more by working with us exclusively than you will going direct to any publication.



Each day we send our story list to all of the national newspapers and magazines. Through the SWNS wire, we are able to place our stories in every publication, or just to the highest bidding newspaper or magazine.

SWNS has offices, reporters and photographers all spanning the UK. No press agency has a higher reach. Here’s how we deal with each story that comes into our newsroom:

  1. You complete the form on this page, or send us an email telling us a little bit about the story or the photos that you’d like to sell. Keep it brief – we only need a summary at this stage.
  2. Your submission is sent to our news and features desk. We’ll send you an email back or give you a call to let you know what your story (or photo) is worth.
  3. If you’re happy to work exclusively with us, we’ll send your story around to every publication to see who will bid the most for your story. You’ll keep 100% of the contributor fee (we are paid a separate agency fee) if your story is bought exclusively by a magazine. If you prefer (or if your story is more of a news story), we can give it to every publication and you’ll get paid depending on the column inches that is makes (please speak to our friendly staff about this option).
  4. Your story is published and we send the money directly to you.

It really is as simple as that. We’ll do all of the work and arrange the deals, all you need to do is tell us the information and give us relevant pictures. Everybody has a tale to tell – you’d be mad not to sell us your story.



If you’d like to read more about how much you could earn for your story, visit our ‘How Much will I Make?‘ page.

If you’d like to speak to someone at SWNS, please visit our ‘Contact SWNS‘ page.

You can see ‘Frequently Asked Questions‘ here.

For more information about how to sell my story, please visit the ‘Sell My Story‘ page.

Recent Stories: You can see a small selection of our recent stories here: Recent SWNS stories.



If you don’t have a specific story to sell, please take a look at our ‘media requests‘ page where we list case studies we’re looking for and people needed for specific magazine articles. It’s a great way to make easy cash.



SWNS will pay you £50 if you refer a story to us. Everyone knows someone whose life could be a soap opera. Tell us about their story and pass on their contact details and we’ll send you £50.

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  1. Hi Lucinda – This is truly horrific. I hope your brother is now fully recovered. Please can you submit your story using the story valuation form on this page, which will send it directly to our news team (rather than the website comments box). One of our journalists will get straight back to you if they can help you sell your story to the national press.

  2. Lucinda Norris says:

    Recently on the 20th of April my brother Jamie (24) and my brother Lewis (21) were driving around yeadon near the tarn pond at around 22:30pm looking for somewhere to eat. As they were driving Jamie noticed a line of cars behind him, very nice looking cars, But he didn’t think anything of it.As they got down coppicewood avenue the cars were still following them, there was around 8/9. The front two cars pulled either side of my brothers and smashed their windscreen with breeze blocks. My brothers were in shock they just kept driving while the cars raced after them,A few streets away ( raywood close) the cars caught up to my brothers and blocked them in.With nowhere to go they ran opposite directions out of the car,A group of thugs jumped out of each car and chased my brothers through gardens.My brother Lewis managed to get away while my brother Jamie wasn’t so lucky. He went to jump over a fence when one of the thugs grabbed him legs and another hit him several times on the head with a hammer while another used a sharp object to slice him leg.With all his injuries he still managed to pull himself over the fence and make his way to a near by farm on nunroyd and hid in a horse stable for a few minutes while being sick and concussed. When Lewis ran in the house and told me and my mum what had happened we got in the car and went searching for Jamie, We found him covered in sick and blood and called the ambulance followed by ringing the police. The police said they suspect it’s mistaken identity since Jamie or Lewis isn’t in debt as jamies a brick layer and Lewis an accountant so they both do fine for money.They don’t think it’s robbery since they didn’t take any valuables, even from Jamies car when they fled the scene. There was 2 Witnesses that watched from their windows what happened and the police are still gathering evidence and the case is still open with no suspects.Jamie had to have 9 stitches on his head with no damage caused apart from a few nose bleeds and scarring,And 6 stitches in his leg with no damage caused apart from scarring.

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