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Each month, helps hundreds of people tell their stories to newspapers all over the world. Recently we helped Ebony share here amazing story.

We arranged an exclusive deal with the Star on Sunday who were willing to pay Ebony the most for her story. After the story was published, we arranged further deals with The Sun Newspaper, The Mirror, Metro, and the BBC. Read more below…

I fell into a coma and woke up four days later with a baby Рdespite not knowing I was pregnant

Ebony, 18, told mum Sheree, 39, that she was going to bed early as she had a splitting headache. But Sheree heard her call down an hour later, and before she knew what was happening, Ebony had started to have a seizure. 

Calling an ambulance, Sheree wondered what could be wrong, and when paramedics arrived they questioned whether ebony was pregnant. 

Sheree assured them she was not, but upon getting her to hospital, doctors confirmed that she was – and the force of the seizures had caused her bump to appear from nowhere.

How the pregnancy stayed hidden 

Just four hours after the seizures started, Ebony was rushed for an emergency caesarean, where she gave birth to a perfectly healthy little girl, weighing 7lbs 10oz. 

When ebony woke from her coma four days later, they placed her baby on her and delivered the news she was now a mum. 

Although at first she couldn’t believe it could be true,¬†Ebony¬†soon took to life as a new mum and named her little girl Elodie.¬†

The size of Elodie caused doctors to assume she had been carried to full-term, despite Ebony having no clue she was expecting, and lead them to discover that she has a double uterus, allowing the pregnancy to stay hidden. 

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