Media Request 22/10/2014

APRIL MEDIA REQUEST 22/10/2014 As always, we’re looking for interesting magazine features and breaking news stories – we’ll consider any story.  To tell us about a story, or apply for any of the media requests below, fill out the quick contact form opposite. We’re also currently working on Summer Editions of the national women’s magazines […]


Teenagers Wanted for New TV Show TELEVISION OPPORTUNITY FOR TEENAGERS – SCHOOL PROM DOCUMENTARY Independent television production company, Oblong Films, wants to hear from teenagers who will be going to their (final year) school prom in 2014. Do you or anyone you know have some special, outrageous or unusual plans for Prom? Are you planning […]

Media Requests 25/09/2013

Today’s Media Requests… We are looking for the following real-life stories.  Please get in touch if you can help us with any of these story.  You’ll be paid generously for sharing your story (we can also pay you £50 if you can refer a friend): *Victim of stalking in the last 5 years. *Obese child […]