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Today’s Media Requests…

We are looking for the following real-life stories.  Please get in touch if you can help us with any of these story.  You’ll be paid generously for sharing your story (we can also pay you £50 if you can refer a friend):

*Victim of stalking in the last 5 years.
*Obese child and their family for interview.
*Mums who pay for daughters’ cosmetic surgery.
*Infidelity or cheating stories.
* STI stories, particularly people who have picked the up on holiday or been infected by a partner.
* Inspirational weight loss stories.
* Secret debt stories; women who have hidden secret debts from their partners (maybe shopping debts or payday loan debt).
* People happy to speak about their unusual love lives.
* I forgave my husband after he cheated on me with a younger woman.
* Any news stories, interesting pictures or videos.
* Any stories that have amazing pictures with them (or amazing pictures that would make a good story!).
* Any other story that would make an interesting magazine article.
* Got pregnant after gave up IVF.
* Wedding, hen party or holiday disaster stories.
* Women who write to death row prisoners.
* Addictions to weird food, or in love with strange objects!
* Quirky Christmas Day stories (this happened to me on Christmas day etc).

How to get in touch:

The easiest way of getting in touch is by filling out the form on this page.  Please specify which story you are able to help with, or provide a few brief bullet points about your story.


If we think you’ll be suitable for our publications, we’ll give you a call to let you know how much you could get.  Once you’re happy, you’ll tell us more about your story and sign a permission agreement allowing us to print it.  We’ll write the story and give you a full read back to make sure you’re happy with what’s being published.

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