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As always, we’re looking for interesting magazine features and breaking news stories – we’ll consider any story.  To tell us about a story, or apply for any of the media requests below, fill out the quick contact form opposite.

We’re also currently working on Summer Editions of the national women’s magazines so we have some specific summery requests.

Can you help with any of these Summer story requests for our summer issues:

  • Holiday Romance stories;
  • Holiday Disaster stories;
  • Holiday Love rat stories;
  • Holiday Crime Stories;
  • Quirky, funny or bizarre wedding stories;
  • Wedding Disaster stories.

We are also on the lookout for these stories:

  • Cosmetic surgery stories (success or disasters).
  • Victims of love Rats, con-men, or serial cheats.
  • Britain’s biggest pets.  Is your pet unusually large for its breed?
  • Quirky or bizarre stories and anything to raise a smile.
  • Still at school mothers (mums who became parents whilst under 16 years old) to tell us about life as a young mother.
  • Benefits Genius! We’re looking for people who use their benefits to achieve or pay for something unusual or outrageous.

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