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Recent client | Sell a story about my kid

We recently helped mum Catherine Carr share her funny story about her three-year-old who gave her baby brother this hilarious TOWIE-style makeover with cosmetics – to ‘look just like you mummy’.

Mum Catherine Carr, 24, searched online about ‘how to sell a story about my kid’ and found, the largest independent press agency in the UK.

We helped place her story in the press after she thought she’d grab a quiet moment to sort some washing and left daughter Tiffany downstairs watching TV with snoozing sibling Frankie…

But Tiffany then decided to use her mum’s make-up to paint her bro’s face – leaving him a deep brown colour.

The youngster used a brush to cover him with bronzer. She gave him red lips with lipstick and drew on eyebrows with eyebrow pencil.

Her mother came down to find Frankie fully made-up. She was even more gutted when Tiffany explained she wanted him ‘to look like you mummy’.

As much bronzer onto his face as possible

Catherine, of Harrogate, Yorkshire, said: “I left him fast asleep and she was sat quietly watching her tablet.

“It was all so nicely peaceful until Tiff shouted ‘mummy come downstairs – I made Frankie look like you’.

“She’d basically piled as much bronzer onto his face as possible and covered him in highlighter cream.

“She’d also put my lipstick on him and done quite a good job drawing on his eyebrows with my eyebrow pencil.

“She seemed to think he looked exactly like me – I couldn’t see it to be honest.”

But far from getting a telling-off, Tiffany’s make-up job had her mum in stitches.

Tiffany’s make-up job had her mum in stitches

“I was mortified, but I couldn’t tell her off – it was just too funny,” Catherine explained.

“Some would have told her off, but she’s always doing hilarious things like this, she’s a little legend.”

And she said Frankie seemed perfectly happy with his makeover as well.

She said: “He loved his new look. He was fast asleep when I left him. But I came downstairs and he was sat on the floor smiling his head off.

“He looked like a doll, she’d put that much make-up on him.”

Catherine shared snaps of Frankie and his sister on a Facebook parenting group. Thousands of mums and dads liked it within hours.

She wrote: “I don’t know what’s worse, the fact she she thinks I look like that. Or the fact that she’s done his eyebrows quite good.”

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