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If you can help us with any of the story media requests below, please let us know by completing the two minute form the right hand side of this page (which will send your story directly to our features desk).

We are the highest paying press agency in the UK. You don’t need to send us your whole story, just a few bullet points to begin with. If your story is suitable, we’ll give you a call.

Please refer your friends and family and we can arrange a £50 tip-off fee for you.

We are seeking the following….

Halloween stories (we can squeeze some last minute spooky stories into the mags):

  • Ghostly real-life stories.
  • Bizarre things that have happened to you.
  • Amazing coincidences.
  • Anything haloween related.

Christmas stories (we’re working on Xmas editions right now):

  • Relationships at Christmas.
  • Things that have happened on Christmas day.
  • Christmas Disasters.

New Year stories:

  • Weight loss stories (especially with good before and after pics)
  • I changed my life in a major way…
  • I have an amazing diet.

And the usual stories…

  • Anyone who has taken someone to court and won;
  • Victims of love rats and con-men;
  • Holiday disaster stories;
  • Funny / shocking wedding stories;
  • Plastic surgery gone wrong;
  • I found my long lost….;
  • Unusual love life.
  • Anything that would make a good newspaper story.
For more information about how to sell a story to the press, check out our sell my story page.

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