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SELL MY STORY TO ALL NEWSPAPERS AND MAGAZINES is part of SWNS, the country’s leading, largest and most established agency for selling stories and photos to magazines and newspapers.

For over 50 years our team has helped tens of thousands of people get their stories and photos published in the press.  We have a direct line to every publication in the UK.

Not only do we negotiate fees for our clients; our team of writers are here to write your story in the appropriate style and tone for each publication. Our friendly features and news teams understand how important your story is to you and we are masters at dealing with sensitive issues.  You’ll get a full read-back of your story, ensuring that every word is approved by you before it is published.

We supply content to every national editor in the UK and abroad, as well as the main television companies, and our story auction service means that we can command the highest fees for you. Our own fees are paid direct by the media.

Below you’ll find a bit more info about how to sell your story to the press:



Appearing in Every Newspaper

Step 1 – Submit a brief outline of your story
Simply fill out the story submission form on the left hand side of this page, or call us on the Story Hotline.

Step 2 – Get a price for your story
We’ll let you know how much it is likely to be worth.

Step 3 – Interview
If you’re happy to go ahead, we’ll interview you over the phone or face to face to get all the detail about your story.

Step 4 – Negotiations
In most cases, we hold a media auction in order to achieve the highest possible fee for our clients. However,  if you’d  simply like to appear in every publication, we’ll send it out via our news wire to every editor in the UK.

Step 4 – Checking the story
We can ensure that you approve every single word that is written.  Your story will not be published without your consent.

Step 5 – Payment
A written agreement guarantees your payment on publication of your story.


These are just some of the publications that we contribute to:

  • Bella Magazine;
  • Best Magazine;
  • Bliss Magazine;
  • Channel Five (News);
  • Chat Magazine;
  • Chat Specials Magazine;
  • Chat: It’s Fate Magazine;
  • Closer Magazine;
  • Company Magazine;
  • Cosmopolitan Magazine;
  • Daily Express Newspaper;
  • Daily Mail Newspaper;
  • Daily Star Newspaper;
  • Daily Star on Sunday Newspaper;
  • DailyMail Femail Section;
  • Essentials Magazine;
  • Express Newspaper;
  • Fabulous Magazine;
  • Full House Magazine;
  • Glamour Magazine;
  • Good Housekeeping Magazine;
  • Grazia UK Magazine;
  • Guardian Newspaper;
  • ITV Daybreak TV show;
  • Live It Magazine;
  • Look Magazine;
  • Love It! Magazine;
  • Mail on Sunday Newspaper;
  • Marie Claire Magazine;
  • Mirror (Daily) Newspaper;
  • Mirror (Sunday) Newspaper;
  • Mizz Newspaper;
  • More Newspaper;
  • My Weekly Magazine;
  • New! Magazine;
  • Now Magazine;
  • Nuts Magazine;
  • People Newspaper;
  • Pick Me Up Magazine;
  • Practical Parenting Magazine;
  • Pregnancy & Birth Magazine;
  • Mother & Baby Magazine;
  • Prima;
  • Radio 5 Live Programme;
  • Readers Digest Magazine;
  • Real People Magazine;
  • Red Magazine;
  • Reveal Magazine;
  • Shout Magazine;
  • Spirit and Destiny Magazine;
  • Sport (Sunday) Newspaper;
  • Star Magazine;
  • Stylist Magazine;
  • Sun Newspaper;
  • Sun on Sunday Newspaper;
  • Take a Break Magazine;
  • Take a Break Fate & Fortune Magazine;
  • Take it Easy (The People) Magazine;
  • Telegraph Magazine;
  • That’s Life Magazine;
  • This Morning Television Show (ITV);
  • Top of the Pops Magazine;
  • Top Sante Magazine;
  • Woman Magazine;
  • Woman’s Own Magazine;
  • Woman’s Way Magazine;
  • Woman’s Weekly Magazine;
  • Yours Magazine;
  • Zoo Magazine;
  • Most regional and local newspapers;
  • Foreign publications.


We provide content, images and video to all of the abouve publications, and many, many more. For more information about how to sell a story to the press, visit our Sell My Story page.

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  1. Hi I’d like u THE sun Newspaper to run a story on the horrific dog meat trade in Thiland this hideous crime has to stop. I’m a big fan of your newspaper read it everyday have done for years. I would really appreciate if u could contact me about this horrendous crime. The UK needs to help and people need to know that this is happening we need to put pressure on the government in Thiland. Ricky Gervais is involed now as is Judy Dench. The Independent newspaper ran a story about this a few weeks ago. Hope to here from you soon. Thanking you. Miss Katie Brew.

  2. Stubbins, one of the UK’s largest fresh produce companies, has teamed up with an Essex artist/author to launch a campaign to raise funds for the Royal British Legion. Attached is a link and a couple of images of the Stubbins Memorial Cannon, created to commemorate 100 years of sacrifice by the brave men and women who have fought for their countries since the outbreak of World War I. It is a simple and poignant way to show our respect to them and their families and it would be wonderful if you could use it in some way, to help Stubbins engage with as wide an audience as possible and maximise the funds we raise for this always worthy cause.

    Thanks for any support you can give.

    Any questions, please let me know.

  3. Charlie Edwards says:

    Hollywood actor Gary oldmans son has been paying me for topless photos and wanting to pay for sex

  4. Hi Charlie – please email us a little more about your story at: [email protected]
    One of our team will get back to you with a price.

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