Bye bye boobies! Double mastectomy decision

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Brave Amanda, 33, has courage, integrity and bravery after undergoing a double mastectomy to cut her chances of having breast cancer by 97%. helped Amanda share her inspirational story.

SCT_HEMEDIA_MASTECTOMY_020216816After eight of her family elders were diagnosed with the condition, Amanda didn’t want to take any chances. The mum of two had her 36c breasts removed in a five hour operation after checking for lumps up to three-hours a day.

Amanda posed topless in a bid to show case her scars and raise awareness of the stigma attached to having a mastectomy. The brave woman is helping thousands of ladies come to terms with breast cancer by being proud of her scars.

A mum who had a double mastectomy to prevent getting breast cancer has shared powerful images of her scars in a bid to give strength to others. Brave Amanda cut her chances of getting breast cancer from 97 per cent to five per cent after undergoing the operation last month.

SCT_HEMEDIA_MASTECTOMY_350216856She volunteered to go under the knife as eight family members were affected by the illness and she did not want to wait until it was too late.

And despite her scars, the 33-year-old said she is proud of her body and hopes she can be a role model for people who are apprehensive about getting the operation. Amanda posted topless images following her preventative surgery online which have been viewed thousands of times since last week.

Mum-of-two Amanda said the fear of having the signs of cancer suddenly appear motivated her to get the surgery.

SCT_HEMEDIA_MASTECTOMY_460216867She does not have the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene, which causes a form of breast cancer, but because her family have had eight known cases of breast cancer, she was classed as a very high risk.

Amanda decided to have her 34-36C breasts removed following a scare last year and could not face the stress of having repeated mammograms and checks.

She is in the process of expanding the skin around her chest with inserts in the hope of having breast implants in the future. But complications meant she lost one of her expander implants so her recovery will take months longer than expected.

SCT_HEMEDIA_MASTECTOMY_060216820Amanda is married to Jamie, 32, and has children Callan, six, and four-year-old Erryan. Amanda said: “I didn’t want to keep living with the fear of knowing that any day a lump could appear.

“Whenever I was watching TV I would be checking for lumps all over the place every day and over time that has a huge psychological effect. “I kept worrying that my next mammogram screening would show signs of cancer.

“Immediately after the surgery I was on a massive high but then for some reason I started crying a lot. “I then talked about it on my Facebook to help people cope with the many different emotions you’d be going through afterwards.
“One girl said to me that her mum was quite reserved and wasn’t keen on talking about it until she saw the page. “I wanted to change that and show that you can should be proud of yourself and your body to reduce the stigma surrounding getting the surgery.”



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Author: Matt Abbott

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