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Recently we helped a mum and her young daughter who have been left homeless after her ex burnt down their home when she wouldn’t get back with him because he’d cheated.


Charlene Clarke, 33, says her life has been ruined by her ex Zak Rodda, 32, who started the fire in her bedroom, before spreading to four neighbouring terraced homes on May 14, this year.

He then sent his former partner of 15 years a series of disturbing messages saying: ‘Look see the light, I warned you’ and ‘there she goes, goodbye’. The blaze then began tearing through the homes in Illogan, Cornwall, and causing £100,000 worth of damage.

A court was told how, after lighting the fire, Rodda went to the pub and told other customers: ‘I’ve done something bad, I’ve set fire to a mattress and it got out of control. I tried to put it out.’ Several people, including Charlene, are still living in emergency accommodation after watching their homes burn to the ground, leaving nothing more than empty ‘shells’.

Insurance Company Refused Payout

Charlene, a care-home manager, claimed her insurance company refused payout because Rodda is the policy holder – leaving her and their young daughter, Larenza, nine, homeless.

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