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I want to Sell My Wedding Story to a Magazine or Newspaper

Have you been wondering ‘can I sell my wedding story to the press’ – the answer is yes, and we are here to help!

Toni Stapleton and Eric Orford in their Disney themed fancy dress wedding. See SWNS story SWDISNEY A couple have told how they enjoyed a fairytale wedding ceremony -- with everyone involved dressing up as DISNEY CHARACTERS. Toni and Eric Orford decided they wanted to keep their nuptials as relaxed as possible, without losing the romance. Toni, 32, asked her partner, Eric, 25, who she met while working on a banana farm in Australia, how he'd feel about dressing up to exchange vows. Eric, a biology student, agreed and suggested "The Beast" for his attire, inspiring Toni to dress up as Belle, from Beauty and the Beast.

How to Sell My Wedding Story is the largest independent press agency in the country.  We provide a free service to help people sell their stories to the national media.  So if you’ve been wondering ‘How do I Sell My Wedding Story?’ – we can help you.  Why not help pay for those spiralling wedding costs by sharing your story with a magazine?


We’ve helped hundreds of people share their wedding, stag and hen-do stories, and we guarantee you the highest price available because we auction your story exclusively to the highest bidding publication, or we can send it out to every publication in the UK and overseas on a ‘pay for use’ basis.

Once you give us an idea of your story, we can chat to you about what’s likely to get you the most cash for your story.

There is a story of romance, fun or heartache behind every wedding.   Perhaps the bride has beaten the odds to be with her man, or she might have fallen in love in the most unlikely way.  Sometimes it takes and illness or divorce to make people realise what they really want.  Whatever your wedding story, we want to hear about it.


Bonkers Wedding Stories

We also love your fun and bonkers wedding stories.  From fancy dress weddings to getting hitched in crazy places, or incredible proposals and wacky wedding themes.

Of course it’s not all champagne and bouquets.  We’ve written stories of affairs, love triangles and revenge, as well as disaster weddings and unlucky accidents.  Maybe you or your other half ran off with the best man or a bridesmaid, or perhaps someone you love spoiled your big day with their selfishness?

However your big day panned out, we want to hear your story.  You’ll be paid generously for telling your story, and we guarantee to get all of our clients the maximum fee possible.


Lisa and Rob on their wedding day.


What happens next?


All you need to do is complete the form on the right hand side of this page and tell us a little bit about your story. You only need to give us the basics, just so we get a general idea about your wedding story.

If it sounds like something we can help you with, one of our fantastic team of writers will give you a call to find out a bit more. You’re not obliged to have anything printed until you’re completely happy with the fee on offer, and you’ve given us your permission.

My Fake Wedding
My Fake Wedding

Alternatively, you can give us a ring and speak to one of our features writers straight away. See our Contact Us page for information on other ways to reach us.

We’ll send a synopsis of your story directly to the editors on each publication to see if they would be interested in printing your story.  We’ll take offers in an auction style bidding process to ensure you get the maximum fee. Or, if your story is more suitable as a news piece, we’ll send it to every publication on our news wire.

You’re in safe hands – SWNS is the UK’s largest independent, and most respected press agency and we’ll always make sure that YOUR story is told YOUR way.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Sell my stag do story to the press or Sell my hen do story to the press

Groom kidnappingIt’s not just wedding stories that you can cash in on, newspapers and magazines love funny, bizarre, crazy or tear-jerking stag and hen do stories.

One of our our staff members, Ollie McAninch, was kidnapped for his stag weekend and dumped naked in some fields (wearing a Borat style mankini).  He later developed shingles and doctors told him it could have been due to the fright.  Ollie and his then fiancé Clair had to live in separate quarters to prevent her from catching the chicken pox virus.

We helped Ollie share his story with the national press so that the story broke on his wedding day (and provided much amusement for his guests, as well as some useful material for the speeches).

Ollie and Clair put the proceeds of the story to good use, using the fee to pay for their honeymoon. Ollie definitely had the last laugh!

So if you’d like to make some money from your stag or hen story, just get in touch using the Story Valuation form on this page, and we’ll get back to you straight away.

I want to sell my story and find out more about the selling story process: Click here to find out how to sell a story to the press

You can also find a small selection of our other client’s wedding stories that we’ve helped share with magazine and newspapers here: 


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