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Do you want to sell a story to the Scottish Sun? We can help.

We sell stories to all the national newspapers and websites and have the best contacts in the industry.

Fill in the form on this page with a few details about the story, photo or video you’d like to sell to the press, and we’ll be in touch.

We can talk you through the whole process on the phone and answer any questions you have – with no obligation to go forward. We guarantee the highest payments, and our service won’t cost you a penny.

How do I sell a story to the Scottish Sun?

We have offices and trained professional reporters throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Fill in the form with some details about your story and we’ll get back to you.

If you have any photographs or videos to help sell a story to the Scottish Sun then please email them to

We will give you a call back to discuss further and then advise the best course of action to get YOU the most for your story.

Sell a story to the Scottish Sun or other publications sells stories, photos and videos to the Scottish Sun – and all the other national newspapers, TV programmes and magazines. Our agency supplies around 20% of stories in the print press every single day.

We do this via our news wire – which sends stories to all the newspapers – and also via our unrivaled contacts to get you the best price.

We will keep you in the loop throughout the whole process.

Why should I sell a story to the Scottish Sun?

There are lots of different reasons our clients sell a story to the Scottish Sun or the other newspapers.

If you think your story would be of interest to the newspapers then fill in the form and get in touch.

People sell their stories because they have experienced something exciting, remarkable, out-of-the-ordinary or wacky.

In addition, we also help people raise awareness of issues that they fell passionate about.

Sometimes you can find yourself caught up in the middle of a story and we can help you get your point across – or just get the journalists off your doorstep

Should I come to you or should I sell a story to the Scottish Sun directly?

Our clients work with us because are are highly trusted and have excellent contacts.

It can be quite daunting talking to a journalist.  We will make the process very easy and ensure you aren’t misrepresented.

In many cases our stories go out to ALL the national newspapers at the same time. Therefore you don’t have to speak to lots of different journalists.

We can handle all queries and questions so you. Importantly, you earn money for your story while we handle all the pressure.

If you would like to speak to the Scottish Sun directly, you can reach them here: You can contact the Scottish Sun here:

What type of stories are you interested in?

We want to hear from you if you have any story, video or photograph you think would be of interest to any of the national newspapers.

We place hundreds of stories in the press every week. Last week we were contacted by someone who wanted to sell a story to the Scottish Sun. Our team placed their story on the front page and on page five.

The story involved a prisoner who was on the run and we ensured they remained anonymous throughout. Incidentally, he prisoner was eventually caught. We were able to do a story about his successful return to prison too!

What should I do now?

Fill in the form on this page or give our enquiries team a ring on 01179066500.

We can answer any of your questions without any obligation to go forward.

If you would like more information about how to sell a story to The Scottish Sun, see our Sell My Story page.  You can also find more ways to contact us here. Or, if you want to contact The Sun (the English version) find out how here.

I would like to sell my story to The Sun (in England)

If you would like to contact the English version of The Sun, visit our Sell a Story to the Sun page.

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