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Find out how to sell a story to Take a Break magazine, the top selling women’s weekly, as well as other magazines and publications

Tab-CoverSellUsYourStory is a division of the largest independent press agency in the UK.  We guarantee the highest fees and we supply stories to Take a Break (the UK’s biggest selling women’s weekly magazine) as well as all other top selling women’s magazine and every major national newspaper.

If you would like to sell a story to Take a Break magazine or any other publication, you’re in the right place.  You can simply send us your story by completing the story valuation form on this page.  There is no obligation and our service is free.  All you need to do is provide the main points of your story for us to get an idea what it’s about.

  1. Fill out the form on this page (just the main points of your story)
  2. We will get back to you with an estimate for your story and a guide of who would like to buy it
  3. If you’re happy to proceed, we’ll negotiate with Take a Break and the other magazines and newspapers to get you the best deals.  We will ensure you get paid as soon as your story is printed.

Why use SellUsYourStory to sell a story to Take a Break?

  1. We write hundreds of stories for Take a Break and its sister publications each year.  We guarantee the overall highest fees because we can shop around to get you the best deal, and get multiple magazine deals for you.We have a direct line to the commissioning editor on the magazine and will get your story read by the right person.
  2. Take a Break, March 15, Stacey and Harriet, Weight lossWe guarantee that your story is read back to you prior to publication so you stay in control of how your story is written.
  3. We invoice the magazine on your behalf and ensure you always get paid.
  4. Once your story has appeared in the magazine (exclusive ‘first rights’) we can arrange more deals for you with magazines, newspapers and television networks (if appearing on shows like This Morning is something you are interested in too).
  5. You can find out if Take a Break will buy your story by telling us the basic points of your story using the quick contact form on this page.

Why appear in Take a Break magazine

Take a Break, April 2015, Domestic abuse, StaceyTake a Break magazine is the UK’s most popular weekly women’s magazine that comes out every Thursday. The magazine prides itself on its sensitive approach to telling your stories.  Take a Break looks for real-life stories about ordinary everyday women, not celebrities or TV stars. The magazine will consider any story from love, personal triumphs, tragedies, stories about your children, and also fun, bizarre and bonkers stories.

It is important to have realistic fee expectations. Take a Break pays up to £2,000 for stories.  However, please note that story payments vary considerably. The average payment for a story is between £300 and £500 for a page spread, but can be less if you are appearing as a case-study or your story takes up less than a page. The maximum fees are reserved for sensational and rare stories, but our job is to negotiate your fee and ensure that you get the maximum amount possible.

Important: Like many top publications, Take a Break likes to print exclusive stories only. You may seriously jeapordise your fee or payment by sending your story to competitors, touting it yourself, or speaking to other journalists.  Please do not send your story elsewhere.


Recent client stories in Take a Break and other publications

You can see a selection of our recent client stories that have appeared in Take a Break magazine and other publications here:

If you are interested in selling a story to national women’s magazines and newspapers, you can read more about the story selling process on our Sell My Story page.


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