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Charlotte Bath told us about her incredible weight loss journey after breaking both of her legs and piling on the pounds.  Luckily she took a weight loss before and after photo which highlights her incredible journey.

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Slipping into her size 10 sequined party dress, Charlotte Bath, reaches to the back of her wardrobe, pulling out a huge size 22 black t-shirt. The t-shirt is an everyday reminder of how big she used to be and how far she has come.

IMG_0462In 2011 on Friday 13th May at the age of 19, Charlotte was involved in horror crash that broke both her legs. As she was driving along the A303, in her home town of Portsmouth, a car pulled out from a side road and knocked her off her moped. She was rushed to hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Piling on six stone and watching her weight rocket before her very eyes, Charlotte managed to reach 17 stone. Only standing at just 5ft 4inch tall there was no hiding her massive frame.  Unable to exercise due to her accident, a once sporty Charlotte would gorge on sweets, chocolate and fast foods. She would even get her fiancé Dominic, 24, to bring her home a greasy deep fat fried take away.

Charlotte says: “Before my accident in May 2011, I would wear a comfy size 12 and weigh 11 stone. I was always fit and active even though I wasn’t super skinny I lead a healthy lifestyle and wasn’t ever bothered about my body.

unnamed (21)“After breaking both my legs in my accident I was wheel chair bound for six months. I would stuff my face with sweets, chocolate, crisps, cakes, take aways, fizzy drinks. Dominic would bring me home a take-away, believing I hadn’t eaten all night. I put on on average of about a stone every two months.

“I would order take away while Dominic was out and try and hide the evidence in the bin under other rubbish. I would then eat another takeaway he would bring me home after his night shift. I would stuff my face with loads of junk food which I would stash in my foot stool.”

unnamed (5)After recovering from her injuries, Charlotte was so large she broke the slats on her bed. She wasn’t used to carrying around an extra six stone and was unable to stand on her still healing ankle for longer than five minutes. Due to the pain, Charlotte would rest on the sofa, even though she was now mobile.

Embarrassed of her broken bed and unhealthy life-style, the receptionist decided to put a stop to her junk food diet and late night unhealthy eating, and slim down once and for all.

Charlotte was double the size of her twin sister, Hayley, 23, who wore a size 8. Hayley told her for every pound she lost she would put £1 into a money box.

unnamed (2)Six months later, a determined Charlotte can slip into a tiny size 10 and weighs just nine stone 9lbs after months of dedication, exercise and healthy eating.

Charlotte went from exercising three times a week after work, to doing nothing. As she was wheel chair bound, it was extremely difficult for her to wheel herself into the kitchen and prepare a healthy meal in such close quarters.

Charlotte from Portsmouth says: “I knew I had to do something about my diet when six-months later I could finally walk, I felt as if I was carrying around another person on my back. I had gained three stone while being sat down. I’d gained three more stone in around a further six months.

“My twin sister Hayley was literally half my size, we used to be the same shape and now I looked like a balloon up to her.

FullSizeRender[2]“She would wear really nice cute colourful clothes, tight fitting dresses, jeans, nice tops and I would cover up my body in big black baggy leggings, stretchy t-shirts and trainers.

“I went to bed one night and as I was getting comfy, the slats on my bed snapped clean in half. I was so embarrassed. I looked down at my huge tum and Dominic gave me this look, I knew I had to do something about my blubber.

“At first it was really difficult as my ankle couldn’t heal properly if I didn’t walk on it, but it hurt when I did. It was the ultimate problem. I had to power through and with every pound I lost it was hurting less and less. And of course Hayley was popping £1 into my jar.

Charlotte joined her local gym and monitored her calorie intake. She ate three healthy square meals a day and didn’t snack.

unnamed (11)Dominic, also had another surprise up his sleeve, an engagement ring. He asked Charlotte to be his future wife, which only pushed Charlotte to want to lose her flab.

Charlotte managed to lose an amazing seven stone in just six months through healthy eating and exercise. She can now slip into a tiny size 10 and is unrecognisable to people she hasn’t seen for a while.

She explains: “Now I have the lost the weight I feel unbelievable. I have so much more energy and I no longer look down to my tum and see a bulge.

unnamed (17)“I knew that Dominic would always love me, especially after asking me to marry him, but I felt as if he was no longer attracted to me. Now I think he finds me more attractive and our relationship couldn’t be better. He no longer brings me home take aways after he finishes his shift.”

Charlotte would have nightmares about walking down the aisle in her huge white gown looking like a big bed sheet. With her wedding around the corner, it was her ultimate incentive to lose the weight.

She says: “Over all, it was a gruelling six-month of training hard and eating healthy. I managed to lose 16 inches off my belly and can now fit into a size 8-10. I feel like half the person I used to be.

“I can now go into shops and pick up something pretty to wear. I always wear little dresses and heels and I feel so much happier and more like a women then I ever have.

unnamed (15)“My twin sister, who I was double the size of, said to me for every pound you lose, I’ll give you £1. She ended up overspending and buying me a fitness super watch costing £150. I was over the moon because it was the most thoughtful gift to help me keep on top of my exercise.

“I have never been happier and I know Dominic finds me more attractive. I’ll never go back to eating unhealthy and from now I’ll always watch my weight.

“I can’t wait to go wedding dress shopping and find my perfect dress in a small size 10.”


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Luckily Charlotte captured a weight loss before and after photo, which really helped sell her story.  If you are embarking on a weight loss journey, make sure you take a photo too.  We know you probably don’t like taking photos of yourself right now, but believe us when we tell you that you’ll be glad you did when you’ve achieved your goals.

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