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NTI_BABY_WEIGHT_LOSS_06Kerry, 33, endured years of heartache after unsuccessfully trying for a child with her husband Mike, 34, since 2011.  Doctors warned her she was too overweight to give birth naturally as she tipped the scales at 16st 11lbs and wore size 20 clothes.

But she decided to battle the bulge when a doctor told her to slim down if she wanted a chance at her dreams of motherhood. After shedding five stone, the slimmer was delighted when she fell  pregnant last year. The couple had the baby of their dreams when Kerry gave birth to Abigail, weighing 7lbs 10oz. Since giving birth, the new mum has already lost most of her baby weight and is a healthy 11st 11lb and a svelte size 10.

Kerry said: “I wanted to start a family. “We’d tried for a year and nothing was happening so the doctor said ‘the first thing you need to do is try and lose some weight’. “You don’t want to be a big person so there’s always something in your mind saying you really should lose weight. “But when the doctor said my chances of pregnancy were increased if I lost weight, that gave me the motivation to stop putting it off. “There wasn’t even any inkling of the possibility of falling pregnant until I’d lost the weight.

NTI_BABY_WEIGHT_LOSS_36“It got to the point where I lost the weight and in my mind it must have been why I got pregnant because it hadn’t happened beforehand. “Abigail is perfect. I feel really blessed that we have her, our dream to have a family has come true.” Kerry blamed her bulging figure on eating convenience food all day. But the pounds soon fell off after she began her eating plan with a slimming group and it even educated her to get the right nutrients on board once she was pregnant.
IT worker Kerry added: “It was more about focusing on making sure I was eating the right foods and you get an extra allowance of calcium and fibre to make sure you’re giving the baby everything it needs. “The wonderful thing was I looked pregnant. “I was scared that I was going to end up looking like a fat woman again and people wouldn’t realise I was pregnant but it all went on the front and for once I felt like I actually looked good.”


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