Rare Disorder: My Little Girl’s Eating Me Out Of House & Home

My Daughter Eats the Furniture: Read Nikki Cook’s story about her daughter’s rare disorder that gives her an insatiable appetite for carpet, sofas and cushions!  If you would like to raise awareness about a rare disorder or something bizarre or unusual, contact us today.  Read Nikki’s story… When Nikki Cook’s little girl started chewing on […]

Abused By My Mum

Abused by my Mum: EVERYONE should read brave Victoria Spry’s heartbreaking abuse story at the hands of her adopted mother Eunice Spry.  Our team of writers prepare heart-wrenching true stories for the magazines and newspapers every day, but this one had us all in tears.  Victoria’s story serves as a stark reminder that horrific abuse […]

Miracle Baby Story… three of them!

Do you have a miracle baby story to tell?  If so, we want to hear about it.  Magazine editors and readers love reading heartwarming and uplifting stories that give hope to others, especially involving miracle babies where there has been a happy outcome.  Read Michelle and Gary Harding’s story – they struggled to conceive for […]

Horrific Shark Attack Pictures

Shark Attack! When Sellusyourstory.com heard about Glen Folkard’s story, we couldn’t quite believe our ears.  Glen was attacked by a shark whilst surfing off the Australian coast.  The graphic and shocking details of his account are enough to make even the hardiest stomach turn. We helped Glen get his story told as an exclusive in […]

Slimming Story: Drop a Dress Size… or Eight!

Sum Burr tells her slimming story ‘Drop a Dress Size or Eight’ about how she finally kicked her 24 stone bulk and slimmed down to an incredible size 8 dress size.  We’ve published Sam’s story in various magazines, which has inspired hundreds of women to lose weight.  If you would like to sell your own […]