Slimming World Weight Loss Story

Do you have a slimming story that you’d like to shout about? Emma lost an astonishing amount of weight with Slimming World and she deserves to show off.  What an achievement!  We helped Emma get paid for sharing her inspiring Slimming World weight loss story. Out of breath, I struggled down the walkway of the […]

Beaten and Robbed of my Unborn Twins

Brave Shelley James shared her tragic domestic violence story with  Shelley wanted to tell her story and help those in a similar situation.  We know the guts it takes to share a story like this publicly; every domestic abuse story is handled with the utmost sensitivity and care and we know how many people […]

Terrifying True Story – Trapped in the Lion’s Den

Trapped in the Lion’s Den: Family’s terrifying true story. When they found themselves trapped in a burning car inside a lion enclosure at a safari park, they faced the choice of burning to death or chancing it with a pack of 12 hungry lions… If you have been through a terrifying ordeal and have a […]

Amazing Act of Kindness

There is nothing more inspirational than reading about an amazing act of kindness from one person to another.  When cycling accident victim Dan heard about fundraising for Brecon’s operation to help him walk, Dan donated all the money he had raised to research his own condition.  Read Dan and Brecon’s amazing story here, and don’t […]

Lost My Leg Thanks To Manky Manicure

My Manky Manicure Cost Me My Leg!  Be warned – find out what can happen from an innocuous manicure mistake. I lost my leg! My monthly visit to the beauty salon was a treat I always looked forward to. I’d been having manicures done for over twenty years and I never tired of looking down […]