Horrific Shark Attack Pictures

Shark Attack! When Sellusyourstory.com heard about Glen Folkard’s story, we couldn’t quite believe our ears.  Glen was attacked by a shark whilst surfing off the Australian coast.  The graphic and shocking details of his account are enough to make even the hardiest stomach turn. We helped Glen get his story told as an exclusive in […]

Drugged and Used as Bait by my Dad

Sick Child Killer Disguised Himself as my Father and Drugged Me and my Friends to Carry Out His Nightmarish Fantasies Although Glyn Martin, 62, is very much alive and rotting in a prison cell somewhere in South Wales, according Nicola Melrose he died on October 14th 2003. That was the day she learned who her […]

Evil Sister Cancelled Our Wedding

Fiance’s evil sister cancelled our wedding day… Ann, 50, didn’t like her brother David’s young fiancé so in a bid to stop them tying the knot she impersonated her and cancelled their wedding.   Despite introducing them, sneaky Ann wanted to stop David, 52, getting hitched to her former friend, Sandra, 28, so without the […]