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Polishing off her a 2l bottle of full fat coke, Louise Morecombe sits in her hole ridden, food stained, size 26 pyjamas, and gets herself comfy in front of the television.

unnamed (3)The mum-of-four would drop her children to school but park yards from the gates in a bid to hide herself from the school children, parents and teachers.

Louise stands at 5ft tall and weighed a massive 15st 9lbs. The 31-year-old couldn’t hide her huge apple shaped frame if she wanted too. Daily, she would gorge on six packets of crisps, five chocolates bars, would drink an entire bottle of 2lt full fat coke and snack on scotch eggs, pork pies and other fatty goods throughout her morning.

For lunch Louise would embarrassingly eat two large kebabs with all the trimmings and for her dinner, she would order a take away enough to feed four people, and eat it all. Her 5,303 calorie a day diet left her life-less, breathless, and even too embarrassed to attend her children’s parents evening and termly school plays.

unnamed (2)Louise from Swindon says: “I used to eat, eat and eat. You would never catch me without some sort of food, and I would count down the hours until I could order my traditional kebabs every lunch time.

“I would always have a stack full of goodies for me to munch on throughout the day. I would eat about six bags of crisps one after another, around four to five chocolate bars and wash it all down with a huge 2l bottle of coke.”

Only owning four items of clothing, Louise would opt to stay in her pyjamas all day and comfort eat in the security of her own home. Now Louise has managed to put a stop to her unhealthy eating and has managed to lose nearly seven stone in just five and a half months and can slip into a small size 10.

1441798856090She says: “As I only had about four items of clothing that fitted me, or ones that weren’t stained. I would stay in my PJs all day. I couldn’t face going shopping, most of my clothes were stained with food and riddled in holes. It was so embarrassing.

“My husband Mark, 33, and I have been married for two and a half years. Our sex life was non-existent and even though he loved me, I knew he was no longer attracted to me. I would hide my body away and roll over so he couldn’t feel my huge rolls.”

Louise has four children Cameron, 15, Mya, 13, Demi, 11, and Kenzie, 3. And she believes that even though her children love her, they would be happier if she lost some weight.

Louise says: “I would drop the kids off to school and stay in the car. I would pull up yards away from the gates to hide myself from everyone. I knew the kids preferred this as I think they were embarrassed of my size.

unnamed (1)“They never invited their friends over. I missed parent’s evenings, school plays and school fates all because I was so fat and embarrassed I thought it was always best that I stayed away.

“I think they always thought, ‘phew mum’s not here’ instead they should be thinking, ‘yes, mum’s here.’”

“When I went shopping, I would take the back streets to all the shops and hope and pray that nobody saw me. If I went to the supermarket, I would try and cover up the best I could just in case I saw anyone. I was in and out so quickly. Or I would send in Mark in with a list, half with junk food goods on for me and half healthy food for the children and toiletries.

“I wasn’t living, I was only existing, I would get out of breath just walking up the stairs so I chose to sleep down stairs some nights as I was too lazy to travel up the stairs, and I was closer to the kitchen, my favourite room.”

unnamedLouise knew she had to put a stop to her unhealthy life-style after she tripped up a curb trying to make a run for it after spotting an old school friend. As she darted from their path in a bid not to be recognised. She hit her face on the pavement opposite. Drawing attention to her from her friend, who in turn looked at her laying on the floor and continued to walk on.

Louise said: “I was so embarrassed, I wanted the ground to swallow me up. I was saying to myself, ‘please don’t come over, please don’t come over.’ I knew I couldn’t hide myself anymore and I didn’t want to hide away and take the back streets while shopping.

“I was sick of breaking toilet seats, not being to make love to my husband and not being able to see my kids in their school plays. As soon as I got home, I wiped away my tears, swallowed my shame and threw away all the junk food in the house.”

Louise restricted her diet to just fruit, veg and salads. She would try and exercise when she could and would replace some meals with shakes from the Cambridge diet. After her weight started to melt away, Louise managed to lose nearly seven stone in just over five months after kicking her junk food diet.

1440431155728“I started to calorie count, I didn’t let any junk food, chocolate, crisps or deep fat fried food pass my lips. I noticed a change right away and it became addictive. I was so thrilled to be seeing a result.

“I would make myself meal replacement shakes and walk around the shops without taking the back streets. I was amazed at myself, my confidence was growing by the day.

“I started to buy myself smaller and smaller clothes. The clothes became more fashionable and colourful every week as I lost more and more of my blubber.

“I can wear short dresses, low cut blouses, sleeveless tops, and even colourful skirts.

“And after just five months, my sex-life has massively improved, were like newlyweds again, after not having sex for months. I feel as if Mark really fancies me again and finds me attractive.

“I love going to my bedroom for hours and trying on clothes. I cannot believe the reflection, gone are the clothes full of holes, now I’m a sexy mum and wife who wears nighties, and I feel like I have been reborn. Even my son’s friends think I’m fit”

1440081139667Louise now regularly attends school events and loves the look on her children’s faces when they see her in the crowd.

“I no longer hide myself in the car when I drop the kids off to school, I always attend the children’s parents’ evenings and their school plays. The teacher can’t recognise me and once had to ask who I was. I have binned my hole ridden, food stained clothes and kicked my junk food diet to a side.

“I feel like a new women and would never go back to my 5,303 calories a day diet. I limit myself to just 1,800 calories a day and watch like a hawk what I eat.

“Now when I see old school friends I hope they see me too. I don’t have to run away anymore. I make an effort and hope they see how great I look and how fab I feel.”



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