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SWNS are the largest press agency in the UK.  With newsdesks and photographers all over the country, the UK’s best features team, a television production unit and a major PR company – we guarantee that you’ll get the most from selling your story to the press.


We sell every type of story to the media.  Nothing is too big or small a scoop; from major scandal to a funny pet story.


If in doubt, fill out the form on this page and find out what you’ll make. You can be in as many or as few publications as you choose, and you always stay in control of your story.


SWNS offers a fast track service for selling your story to the press.  We work with the following publications:


  • Bella Magazine;
  • Best Magazine;
  • Bliss Magazine;
  • Channel Five (News);
  • Chat Magazine;
  • Chat Specials Magazine;
  • Chat: It’s Fate Magazine;
  • Closer Magazine;
  • Company Magazine;
  • Cosmopolitan Magazine;
  • Daily Express Newspaper;
  • Daily Mail Newspaper;
  • Daily Star Newspaper;
  • Daily Star on Sunday Newspaper;
  • DailyMail Femail Section;
  • Essentials Magazine;
  • Express Newspaper;
  • Fabulous Magazine;
  • Full House Magazine;
  • Glamour Magazine;
  • Good Housekeeping Magazine;
  • Grazia UK Magazine;
  • Guardian Newspaper;
  • ITV Daybreak TV show;
  • Live It Magazine;
  • Look Magazine;
  • Love It! Magazine;
  • Mail on Sunday Newspaper;
  • Marie Claire Magazine;
  • Mirror (Daily) Newspaper;
  • Mirror (Sunday) Newspaper;
  • Mizz Newspaper;
  • More Newspaper;
  • My Weekly Magazine;
  • New! Magazine;
  • Now Magazine;
  • Nuts Magazine;
  • People Newspaper;
  • Pick Me Up Magazine;
  • Practical Parenting Magazine;
  • Pregnancy & Birth Magazine;
  • Mother & Baby Magazine;
  • Prima;
  • Radio 5 Live Programme;
  • Readers Digest Magazine;
  • Real People Magazine;
  • Red Magazine;
  • Reveal Magazine;
  • Shout Magazine;
  • Spirit and Destiny Magazine;
  • Sport (Sunday) Newspaper;
  • Star Magazine;
  • Stylist Magazine;
  • Sun Newspaper;
  • Sun on Sunday Newspaper;
  • Take a Break Magazine;
  • Take a Break Fate & Fortune Magazine;
  • Take it Easy (The People) Magazine;
  • Telegraph Magazine;
  • That’s Life Magazine;
  • This Morning Television Show (ITV);
  • Top of the Pops Magazine;
  • Top Sante Magazine;
  • Woman Magazine;
  • Woman’s Own Magazine;
  • Woman’s Way Magazine;
  • Woman’s Weekly Magazine;
  • Yours Magazine;
  • Zoo Magazine;
  • Most regional and local newspapers;
  • Foreign publications.

We also work with every major television company, network and production company and our syndication department will ensure that your story is sold to overseas publications too.

If the magazine or newspaper you want to be in isn’t listed, just email us for details.



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magazine story

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