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We help SellusyourStory client get the highest fee for her amazing weight loss story, after her child asked her ‘Mummy, why are you so fat?’

Standing in the playground, waiting for my two children Benjamin, 9, and Summer, 6, to finish school, I stood against the cold wall on my own.

Anna beforeI was wearing my usual attire, a long black jumper and black leggings, covered up by my size 22 coat. I was nearly 18stone and was conscious of the other mum’s staring at my size. “Hello,’ I said to the mums walking past me, then I would bow my head in embarrassment. Benjamin and Summer came racing towards me. Summer passed me her lunch box and gave my large thigh a hug.

‘Hello mummy!’ she said excitedly. Then Benjamin ran over, stretched out his arms and attempted to hug my bulging belly. His little arms struggled to reach around my huge belly. Mortified, I looked around to see if anyone saw and a few mums gave me a half disappointing smile. I wanted the world to swallow me up.

I strolled back to the car, with Benjamin in one hand and Summer in the other. As I squeezed into the car, my fat rolls piled on top of one another – I felt as if I had let my children down. When we got home to our house in Ipswich, I opened up a large bar of chocolate and packet of crisps, ordered a take away pizza, and decided to eat my way free of the embarrassing incident.

Anna before 1I put the kids to bed and Benjamin gave me a hug good night. ‘Mummy, why are you so fat?’ he said laughing. I almost burst into tears. I comfort ate and demolished a four-serving size of jam Roly Poly smothered in custard. The next day, I was going clothes shopping with my partner John, 36. I needed new summer clothes so we popped into town for a bit of much-needed retail therapy. ‘I’m looking for some three-quarter length jeans, John, keep your eyes peeled,’ I said.

Anna after 1Much to his relief, I quickly found a pair. I was unsure what size I took in bottoms, so I attempted to look at the tag in the back of my leggings – it was a struggle turning and I could feel fat rolls rubbing against each other. “A size 18, sorted,’ I said. As I walked into the changing room, closed the curtain and peeled off my leggings, I looked in the mirror and hated what I saw. I unbuttoned the jeans and tried to squeeze them over my thick calves and chunky knees, but I could barely get my cankles in the legs.

I quickly took them off and shouted to John for a size 20. I stepped into the larger size and, again, much to my disgust, they wouldn’t budge over my large knees. A size 22 just about stretched over my knees and with great effort I managed to do up the button. I looked at my muffin top pouring over the sides, it looks like Niagara Falls. My calves were huge, spilling out from under the short jean.

unnamedI stood there in shock with Benjamin’s voice going around in my head, ‘Mummy, why are you so fat?’ ‘Mummy, why are you so fat?’   Enough was enough. I had to do something about my horrific weight, not only for me but for my children. I threw the jeans on the floor, grabbed my bag and marched John out of the shop.

I immediately signed up to my local Slimming World and attended every week. I dramatically changed my diet from take-aways and chocolate, to salads and fresh home-made meals. And after nine months of attending Slimming World, I lost a massive 7 stone. I now fit easily into a tiny size 10 and now I weight 10 stone 10 lbs.

I regular attend Zumba classes and can walk without getting out breath. I no longer have aching joints or back pains and can finally pick up a size that fits me straight from the rack. The mums at the school can’t believe my transformation, I’m more social and enjoying picking the kids up from school. My children don’t understand how I’ve halved in size and Benjamin can finally get him arms all the way around me.


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