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We are looking for the following people today.  Get paid to appear in any of these articles:

  • Women who defy convention (between 30 and 60);
  • Women who go against the norm;
  • Anyone who has taken someone to court and won;
  • Love rats;
  • Holiday disasters;
  • Funny wedding;
  • Plastic surgery gone wrong;
  • I found my long lost….;
  • Unusual love life;
  • I lost over 8 stone;
  • I like being on benefits;
  • Crime stories (with conviction);
  • Any other real-life stories;
  • Women who have really young toy-boys, or much older partners.
  • Women who go on holidays looking for love or casual relationships.
  • Strange coincidences (all family born on same day etc).
  • Love triangles where all three people would appear in the article.
  • Women with eating disorders or women who overcame eating disorders.
  • Female who became exercise obsessed – going to the gym to forget about her breakup and becoming obsessed.
  • Female who became a shopaholic – shopping her way out of a broken heart.
  • Female who had a dramatic breakover – change hair colour, makeup, clothes etc after a breakup.

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