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Today we’re after the following real-life stories.  Please get in touch if you can help us with any of these story.  You’ll be paid for sharing your story with us and we can also pay you £50 if you can refer a friend:

* Infidelity or cheating stories.
* STI stories, particularly people who have picked the up on holiday or been infected by a partner.
* Inspirational weight loss stories.
* Secret debt stories; women who have hidden secret debts from their partners (maybe shopping debts or payday loan debt).
* Wedding, hen party or holiday disaster stories.
* Women who write to death row prisoners.
* Addictions to weird food, or in love with strange objects!
* My husband left me on Christmas Day (and other Xmas stories).
* People happy to speak about their unusual love lives.
* I forgave my husband after he cheated on me with a younger woman.
* Any news stories, interesting pictures or videos.
* Any stories that have amazing pictures with them (or amazing pictures that would make a good story!).
* Any other story that would make an interesting magazine article.
* Got pregnant after gave up IVF.


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