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This week we helped Lorraine Muir share her incredible baking skills with Take-A-Break magazine! If like Lorraine you want to share you unusual talents then is here to help.

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‘Ping’ the timer buzzes on the oven signalling that the newest edition to Lorraine Muir’s repertoire is ready!

As the baker pulls the oven door gently open there is a sweet, homely smell to greet her.

‘Phew, another success!’ she thinks to herself.

Lorraine’s days are now taken over by mounds of dough and icing, fiddling around with fondant and crafting beautiful and yummy treats for all kinds of occasions.



The mum-of-two from Clackmannanshire, Scotland, has been enjoying the sweet success of running small baking business, and has changed careers to do so!

Lorraine, 48, is relatively new to professional baking but has such a flair for it that her orders are flying in faster than she can mix cake batter.

After being a full time carer to her daughter Lisa, 22, who has special needs, Lorraine now spends hours working on her colourful creations.

Professional Baker

The newly professional baker has a talent for crafting show stopping cakes for birthdays, weddings and other celebrations.

She realised she has the skills when she was asked, just a year ago, to make a birthday cake for a family friend.

The cake was based on Disney’s Frozen and Lorraine carefully crafted a stunning Anna and Elsa cake. It was such a success that she was immediately bombarded with requests for more.

The owner of a special needs club that Lorraine’s daughter attends was bowled over by the princess cake and immediately requested a Pot-of -Stew cake for a retirement party.

After that her family cajoled her into taking herself more seriously as a baker, and gradually the business – Lorraine’s Bakes – flourished.

Lorraine said: ‘After that I was inundated with requests and my friends all told me to set up a Facebook page, so eventually I did!

‘Then I did some more cakes for a school fete and requests by friends, the business just snowballed really!’

YouTube Tutorials

Lorraine used her bakers intuition assisted by YouTube tutorials to create her first masterpieces.

Since making a giraffe cake complete with a neck, over a foot tall, which has taken the internet by storm and prompted requests from all over the world, Lorraine is busier than ever.

Lorraine said: ‘The giraffe was tricky, my husband, Steve, 48, had to fashion a pole to help it sit up straight and after that it was pretty much plain sailing.

‘I do love a challenge so doing that one was great.

‘Then it was just the squares of cake cemented with icing and then sculpted into shape.

‘I still didn’t expect it to turn out as well as it did.’

Shared over 10,000 times on Facebook

Her Giraffe cake was shared over 10,000 times on Facebook alone.

Another particularly tricky one to make was a spinning carousel cake made for Lorraine’s eldest daughter Claire, 24.

Lorraine is a dab hand with the usual fare: tiered wedding cakes, christening cakes and more but her real skill lies in the more unusual designs, which she pulls off with breath-taking aplomb.

‘I love doing the really girly ones, princess ones and things like that.

‘Obviously the show stoppers on Great British Bake Off have really inspired me.

‘Now I get quite critical, as if I’m one of the judges!’

As she grows in confidence there are small changes to her methods, ‘I don’t feel the need to make two cakes now.

‘I used to bake two and have one as the taste test, but I don’t do that now.

‘I feel like the recipe is pretty perfect so there is no need.’

There seems to be no stopping her creativity as she sees each new order as a new challenge.

Lorraine’s next commission is a Walking Dead themed zombie cake.

Among her most memorable cakes are the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter, a collection of MAC make up, roulette table, huge nail varnish, a realistic pair of Nike trainers, Rome Collesseum and replica Louis Vuitton designer bags.

She also fashions ice bucket with cold beers, all sorts of dog cakes including two inquisitive pugs side-by-side and an eager looking Scottie dog!

Armed with professional airbrush kit Lorraine carefully brings her creations to life with her realistic designs.

Having just become a grandma for the first time I think there will be lots more opportunity for Lorraine to whip up some more beautiful and fun creations for many birthdays to come!

Amazingly, her talent is newly discovered as she wasn’t much of a baker as a youngster, but that by no means dampens her passion.

Lorraine’s effortless creations make baking look like a piece of cake.

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