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Chantelle, 19, is scarred for life after a £1 beauty regime went horribly wrong. She shares her true story ‘face mask burt my skin off’. help hundreds of people every month share their story with the national press for cash.  We are the largest independent press agency in the UK, we guarantee the highest fees and ensure your story is told your way.  When Chantelle contacted us saying ‘a face mask burnt my skin off’ we knew the newspapers and magazines would be interested.


Chantelle Currell with the scars she was left with after trying a chocolate face mask. See SWNS story SWCHOC: A teenager says she has been "scarred for life" after she was left with third degree burns because of a chocolate FACE MASK. And to add insult to injury, scarred Chantelle Currell was offered just £1 in compensation from Asda where she bought the product. The 19-year-old used the Chocolate Masque beauty product before going out with her partner last Tuesday, thinking it would get rid of her blackheads and improve her skin. But within three minutes of applying the Montagne Jeunesse mask, a trusted brand she had used for years, her skin began to burn.I peered into the mirror, my fingertips running over the pesky blackheads on my chin. Urgh, I thought to myself. Why can’t I ever seem to get rid of them…

I reached into the cupboard and picked out my trusty, favourite face mask. I’d tried them all – the chilli sauna mask, the passionfruit peel, the fudge sundae and even the citrus blemish buster.

This time, I smacked my lips as I ripped open a chocolate mud face mask as its smell was just heavenly.

At under a quid, it was a bargain too – so it was no wonder I used them all the time as part of my skincare routine.

Smearing it on my face, I was a pro at evenly spreading out the mud mask so it covered all the nooks and crannies. With an extra rub at my blackheads, I decided to start getting dressed to go out for a curry with my other half, Shane.

Scraping my hair back from my face, I flung open my wardrobe and hoped for some inspiration. I could feel my face getting warm, and I thought nothing of it at first – but suddenly there was an intense heat. My cheeks were burning.

Screaming in pain, I ran back to the bathroom and clawed at my face to try and get the scorching mud off.SWNS_CHOCOLATE_MASK_01 I did everything I could to get rid of the pain, with tears screaming down my fiery cheeks I drenched my face in freezing cold water.

It felt as if hot iron rods were slicing through my cheeks and searing my skin – it was absolute agony. I started feeling faint and my vision was blurring from the puffiness and swelling from where I had applied the mask.

After countless icy face towels and much hysterical sobbing, I was rushed to A&E where I sat for hours while my cheeks blistered and my lips cracked. What made it worse is that people were sniggering at my cerise pink face, and they were laughing behind my back.

Eventually, a burns specialist examined me and said that I had third degree burns and my blistered cheeks could become infected if I wasn’t careful. I was scarred for life – at the tender age of 19. A £1 face mask had burned my skin off.

I had only left the mask on for about three minutes too, even though the pack recommends 20 for best results.

Over the next few days, I could hardly sleep, eat or even breathe without it feeling like sheer torture.

When I visited the ASDSWNS_CHOCOLATE_MASK_04A I bought it from, they could see my white, scarred cheeks and humiliatingly only refunded me £1 for my trauma. Now I’m too afraid to leave the house without people thinking I’m some sort of freak or zombie. My life has been ruined, from a three minute blackhead buster.

A Montagne Jeunesse spokesman said: “We can confirm that a report has been received of an alleged reaction to this product. We have taken this report very seriously and are presently in the process of conducting a full investigation.

“We can confirm that this product was safety assessed by our own laboratory and by an independent toxicologist prior to launch and during manufacture, all of whom certified the product to be microbiologically pure.

“We are unable to comment further whilst investigations are ongoing.”

An Asda spokesman said: “We’re currently investigating and will be in touch with Ms Currell as soon as possible.”



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