Sell my weight loss before and after pictures

weight loss before and after pictures

Sell your weight loss before and after pictures to a magazine Would you like to sell your weight loss before and after pictures to a magazine? Want to inspire others or celebrate your success? If you have been through an incredible weight loss transformation or have any other story you’d like to share, get in […]

Unexplained weight gain | Share your story

Did you experience unexplained weight gain? Did it turn out to be something sinister? Share your story with a magazine, and we’ll pay you for it! When Leah mysteriously experienced unexplained weight gain, despite dieting she was horrified to discover a life-threatening 26lb cyst the size of a WATERMELON inside her. If like Leah you’ve […]

The Ultimate Wedding Diet

Debbie was 26 stone and a size 28 on her wedding day, before going on the ultimate wedding diet, ready for her second wedding day. Here’s how she did it…

Sell my diet story: I lost 14st after ditching fizzy pop

Sell My Diet Story: I lost 14st after ditching 1000 litres of fizzy pop a year Achieved something amazing and have been thinking ‘how do I sell my diet story‘ to inspire others and earn some extra cash? Contact us today using the Story Valuation form on this page. We guarantee to secure you the highest fee […]