Do women get addicted to dying hair?

Do women get addicted to dying hair? We asked Venessa, a nurse, who has dyed her hair hundreds of times, every colour of the rainbow, and has spent up around £5,000.

Ex-Boyfriend Posted Naked Pictures on Facebook

Have you been the victim of psychological abuse, domestic abuse (violent or non violent), or has someone been posting your Naked Pictures on Facebook or websites?  Would you like to share your story and help or warn others in a similar situation? Get in touch with us today. Read Lisa Beckett’s story about her harassing […]

Quirky Proposal Story

Dark Knight in Shining Armour! We love a romantic story, but we love a fantastic proposal story even more!! If you have a quirky, bonkers or entirely different proposal story, get in touch with us and we’ll put it in a magazine or newspaper for you…  the best part is that you’ll get paid.  Valuable […]

Drugged and Used as Bait by my Dad

Sick Child Killer Disguised Himself as my Father and Drugged Me and my Friends to Carry Out His Nightmarish Fantasies Although Glyn Martin, 62, is very much alive and rotting in a prison cell somewhere in South Wales, according Nicola Melrose he died on October 14th 2003. That was the day she learned who her […]