Chantelle, 19, is scarred for life after a £1 beauty regime went horribly wrong. She shares her true story ‘a face mask burt my skin off’.

It’s never too late for a sex change

Is it ever too late for a sex change?  Not according to Michelle, formally Marc. Brave Michelle told SellUsYourStory.com the touching story of how she’s finally getting a sex change to become who she’s always been inside following following her wife’s dying wish (when Michelle was still Marc).  We helped secure Michelle an exclusive deal with Chat […]

Real life superheroes save tenants from flaming inferno

Real life superheroes dressed as The Joker and Batman’s sidekick Robin, save tenants from a flaming inferno until emergency services arrive.  We help the pair share their story with the press. Rummaging around in my fancy dress make-up bag, I pulled out my white and red face paint and started slapping it all over Robert’s […]