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Little Hayley was born with symbrachydactyly, an abnormality to her hand which left her with no fingers and just three-thirds of a thumb. Read the heartwarming story about her pink Bionic Hand…

With no other options, doctors suggested they took a toe from Hayley’s foot to create a pinching action to correspond with her thumb. Not wishing to put her tot through surgery, mum, Zania, took to the internet determined to find other options for their little princess.

US-based charity E-Nable offered to lend a hand to Hayley and make her the first in the UK to have a bionic prosthetic free of charge in her favourite colour, bright pink.

SWNS_PROSTHETIC_HAND_29The device is controlled by the wrist movement, with the fingers closing when she moves her hand down and opens when she moves her hand up.

Now little Hayley is proud to show off her super-hero hand and can’t wait for the next show and tell.

Hayley said: “It’s pink because that’s my favourite colour. My family think it is cool and so do I. I like it because I like the way it moves.”

Zania said: “It was all her dreams come true she can now hold her teddy, peal a banana and even paint her nails, it’s amazing.

“Hayley picked a pink hand as she’s a real girly girl, she has more make-up than me.
“She loves her hand, it’s made her whole again and we love seeing her brush her hair and put it in a ponytail all on her own.

“We have always been a bit apprehensive about her starting school, the only reason children don’t wish to hold Hayley’s stump is because they don’t want to hurt her.

“When they see her super-hero hand all the kids will be wanted to hold her hand.”


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