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Ever wondered if a baby communicates in the womb? These parents got more than they bargained for…

Real People, April 2015, quirky baby, Stacey

When Cheryl and Paul went to hospital for their 20-week-scan they got more than they bargained for after their cheeky chappy gave his parents a thumbs up from the womb.

Cheryl's baby in womb MEN Syndication.jpgCheryl, 31 and Paul 32, were at their 20-week-scan, the nurse struggled to produce a clear image on the screen, nurses told the couple it was time to wrap it up, but then, their son appeared on screen and gave his parents a personal greeting.

The couple from Greater Manchester left in stitches and a weight from their shoulders after being told ‘everything’s good in here,’ from their 20-week-old boy’s scan.

“He was moving back and forward a lot and when it came to the end of the scan they asked us if we wanted to know the sex, which we did. EN

thumbs up 3“He immediately curled up into a ball and put his face down and at first we couldn’t get a clear picture, but as soon as the midwife said she would have to wrap things up, his little hand came out and he gave us the thumbs up. We all burst into laughter.

“The midwife said she has seen a few hand gestures in her time but nothing as clear and forthright as this.

“It brought a great deal of happiness to our day. It was a great way of him telling us that we are doing a good job by him so far.

thumbs up 5“It’s a prized memento and he must be having fun in there to be giving us the thumbs up.”



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