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Why Can’t I Be Like My Twin Brother? | Sell a twins story

Sell a twins story, a triplets story, a quads story… or any other multiples! Sell a twins story: Do you have twins, triplets or other multiples with an amazing story? We want to hear from you. is here to help you earn money from sharing your story with magazines and newspapers. Help those in […]

Unexplained weight gain | Share your story

Did you experience unexplained weight gain? Did it turn out to be something sinister? Share your story with a magazine, and we’ll pay you for it! When Leah mysteriously experienced unexplained weight gain, despite dieting she was horrified to discover a life-threatening 26lb cyst the size of a WATERMELON inside her. If like Leah you’ve […]

Attacked by my ex boyfriend | Sell your story

Attacked by my ex! Have you been the victim of violence from a partner or lover? Share your story and warn others. Simply fill out the form on this page, telling us a little about your story.  One of our team will get straight back to you with a valuation of how much we can […]