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If you want to contact the Daily Mirror with your story then we can help is part of SWNS – the UK’s largest independent press agency. We provide an estimated 20 per cent of stories, videos and photos to the national press every single day. If you want to contact the Daily Mirror, or any other publication, we’ll ensure you get the best deal.

We write stories for all the national newspapers, our service is free. We ensure your story is told your way. In addition we ensure you’re paid the highest fee for your content.

So, if you have a great story that you would like to see in any national newspaper fill in the Story Valuation form on this page.

Should I contact the Daily Mirror direct?

You can contact the Daily Mail directly by visiting their website:

However, we know it can be daunting dealing with a tabloid directly. It’s not always easy to get your story, photos or video in front of the right person.

Our clients like to work with us rather than contacting the newspapers directly because we can manage the process for you. We make the experience as easy as possible. More importantly, we ensure you aren’t misrepresented in any way.

Our service won’t cost you a penny, and we make sure your story is told your way. You can also rest assured that you’re receiving the highest fee possible due to our unrivalled reach.

Making the most of your story, video or photo

Once a story, video or photo appears in the Mirror (or exclusively in any other newspaper or magazine), you have the opportunity to share your story with other publications. Meaning you will get paid more than once. works with all major publications in the UK and the US, so you have every opportunity to make the most money possible from your story, photo or video.

We are able to sell your story as an exclusive to the highest bidder, or we can go to all of the newspapers at the same time. Even after your story has appeared and an exclusive, we can send it around to every other publication. This means your story can get the most exposure – and the biggest fee for you – without you having to contact each newspaper individually.

We keep you informed every step of the way – but at the same time make sure we handle any queries so you don’t have to.

Will you contact the Daily Mirror on my behalf?

We know it can be daunting to contact the Daily Mirror and the other national newspapers. That’s why we make it as stress-free as possible.

Don’t worry about being misrepresented or mistreated by the press. We’re here to help make sure that doesn’t happen.

How do your reporters contact the Daily Mirror?

We have great contacts at every single national newspaper.

Every day the Mirror and the other papers get in touch to see what stories we have to fill their pages. Furthermore, our newswire is sent directly to every major publication in the world.

We contact them with two types of stories –

1) Exclusives
These are stories that go to ONE newspaper first. They have the story for a limited time to themselves – usually 24 hours – and pay an exclusive fee.
We get the best fee for you by using a story auction – or through our unrivaled contacts.

2) Newswire stories
These are stories distributed via our newswire system. Your content is sent to ALL the major publications at the exact same time. This is a great approach if you have a breaking news story that needs to be published quickly. Or you want maximum impact and maximum revenue.

We can also circulate your story, video or photos to the press after it has appeared exclusively in your chosen publication, such as the Daily Mirror.

What sort of stories do you contact the Daily Mirror with?

We like all kinds of stories. We contact the Daily Mirror with a vast range of stories, photos and videos, every single day.

If you have a story that is inspirational, amusing, heartbreaking or interesting get in touch.

Our client Bel, 30, got in touch when she wanted to warn other women about her ex-boyfriend. She spotted her ex in the newspapers in a story about him preparing to marry a woman 11,000 miles away after they matched Tinder.

She accused him of “three-timing” her – an accusation he denies – and wanted to speak out to warn other women.

We helped place her story as an exclusive with the Sunday Mirror – before sharing the story more widely with the other national newspapers.

Contact us with a story, photo or video

Contacting us is simple. Use the Valuation Form on this page to describe a little about your story, or the photo or video you would like to sell.

One of our friendly and professional team members will let you know how much your content is worth (based on recent sales). In addition, you can also find other ways to Contact Us here.

Furthermore, to find out a little more about the process of how to sell a story, read our sell my story page. If you would like to specifically sell a story to the Daily Mirror, click the link to read more about it.

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