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If you have a story for a newspaper then fill out the Story Valuation form on this page. Or call one of our trained reporters on 0117 9066 500.

We’ll get you the best deal possible from selling your story. There is no obligation and we won’t print anything until we’ve spoken to you and you’re happy to proceed.

We provide stories for all the national newspapers, ladies’ magazines and TV programmes.

What is a story for a newspaper?

A story for a newspaper is any story, photo or video you would expect to see in any of the national newspapers.

We can work with you to get the best from any kind of story. Our team supply a range of stories in the national newspapers.

We are interested in celebrity exclusives., heartwarming family tales, real-life stories, political scandals and investigations.

Our clients love quirky photos and any video-led stories.

How much is my story for a newspaper worth?

We have unrivalled contacts in every major publication so are well-placed to make sure you get the best deal for your story for a newspaper.

We treat every single story on a story-by-story basis. There are two main ways we sell a story for a newspaper.

1) Sell a story for a newspaper as an exclusive:
We approach a range of publications and arrange a one-off fee from the highest bidder.

We obviously can’t provide an exact price until we’ve approached interested publications – be suspicious of anyone who says they can! – but we promise to arrange a fair fee. We are happy to give you an estimate based on sales of similar stories.

2) Sell a story for a newspaper to all the publications:

We also have a newswire service that sends daily content out to every publication in the UK at the same time.

Whoever uses the story pays for it and we split that with you 50/50. Our newswire is the largest in the UK, making up 20 per cent of all print news. You have the best chance of distributing your story to multiple outlets with us.

Why bring us your story for a newspaper

SWNS is the largest independent news agency in the UK. We have unrivalled contacts within the industry.

We can help act as your agent to make sure you a protected when dealing with the press.

Selling a story for a newspaper can be stressful. But if you speak to us, we can act as your single contact, so you don’t have to speak to countless journalists or numerous newspapers.

Not sure if you have a story for a newspaper?

Not sure your story is newsworthy? Call us for a no-obligation chat about your story. We can give you some advice and help you come to a decision in your own time.

We can offer some friendly advice to help you decide.

Got a story for a newspaper? Here’s some recent clients:

Mum Emma, 37, got in touch after she posted a photo of her Christmas tree on Facebook and it went viral.

She was inundated with abuse from people who were appalled at the mountain of 230 gifts she bought for her children.

We helped her make money from the photo – and get her point of view across so she could properly defend herself.

Savvy Janet, 59, contacted us with her story for a newspaper.

She was upset with her service at the prestigious Ritz hotel during an afternoon tea – and took them to court.

She was awarded a payout by the judge, and wanted to share her success. We placed her story as an exclusive with the Daily Mail – then other papers such as The Sun and The Times Newspaper.

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